1) How to Submit My Image?
– As stated clearly on this page & on the rest of the competition related pages, You have to email your entry to us (Submit your entry via email to ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg) and include your name, NRIC, contact number & a caption not more than 30 words. If any of the information required is missing or incomplete, your entry will be disqualified. If your info is missing or you had typed in white color font, then it has to be our problem for not able to see your invisible text. ,  we will disqualified your entry at our discretion.


2) Why the image must be 3mb (smallest we can accept is 2mb)?
– As stated clearly on this page & on the rest of the competition related pages, there will be
an Exhibition at the end of the competition. To print your images professionally and best present it to the audience, we need to have a minimum resolution. So please send us your images that is between 2mb to 3mb as the minimum. 
We are also afraid that you will sue us for misrepresenting your image by printing your 200kb image into a large display and ended up your beautiful image looking like it had been treated with sandpaper. 


3) Why the submission only Allows landscape-orientation?
– As stated clearly on this page & on the rest of the competition related pages, there will be
an Exhibition at the end of the competition and we are trying to have a uniformed submission layout as well standardizing the format to have everyone on the same playing field. Those of you who had sent in Square-Cropped or portrait-oriented images, please kindly google the difference between and rectangle-landscape & a square or portrait.
Lastly, who set the rules?  we are sorry we have to disqualified you for not complying with the requested image-orientation. 


4) Since the Main Sponsor is Olympus Imaging Singapore can I submit images shot
with other cameras?
Of course, since you asked, we spent close to 30 minutes reading through all our text & marketing materials and we are dead sure we did not state anywhere that the submissions have to be captured by an Olympus Brand camera. If you find it anywhere, please kindly go buy an Olympus camera to shoot. Otherwise, you can shoot with any brand, it’s none of our business. Images can be shot with any brand of cameras, we have no problem with this.  


5) When is the submission deadline?
Well, It was yesterday actually. Excuse me? The information was posted on almost all the competition-related pages like this one here. Anyway we have taken the liberty to assist you and the visually-challenged or those who seriously lack initiative, the submission deadline is Tuesday, 20 June 2017 before 11.59pm.


6) The Workshops during the Exhibition, is it FOC?
No, No, No, there’s no free lunch. Each workshop is charged at $8,888.00 per pax per session. Well Hello! We have clearly stated on this page  that these workshops are FREE for all to attend. (Please google “ALL”) before you return with more questions. You’re Welcome.


7) How will the Judging be conducted?
– Like every other judging. The Judges will individually do their selections and grading on the images that have been renamed into number codes (means the Judges do not know who is the photographer) then sent their scores to our curator for consolidation and totaling of scores. Once the top 15 winners + 135 entries for exhibition has been selected, the judges will inspect and counter-check again and once all agreed, the result will be published. What do you expect? 



8) My Submission appears on the Accepted Entries Page, and this means?
– This means your entry have been accepted as a competition entry. This does not means you will win, or have your work exhibited so don’t go round telling people you have won
blah blah blah. until the final judging is over. And during judging, all images that have not met the minimum size will also be disqualified at this stage. Too bad, who asked you not to comply with the terms.


9) How Do I Know I Won a Prize?
– Did you just farted? as stated on all of our competition-related pages, the winning entries will be notified by email. For those who did not win, but their images selected for the exhibition, you will be notified too. And after the opening of the exhibition, the winning entries will be featured on our website too. 


10) How Do I Know If My Image Will Be Exhibited?
– Wah Lau Eh!  Please kindly refer to #8. You’re Welcome.


11) What Happened if my Caption exceeded 30 words?
– We will be most delighted to disqualified you lah what else? As we have stated very clearly that all captions must not exceed 30 words, your entry will automatically be disqualified. Counting is not that difficult right? 



12) Who are the Judges? What are they looking for?
– We have published our Judging Panel on this page since we announced the competition.
How did you missed that? Since you asked, the appointed Judges are all Professional Photographers that are well-known in the industry and each of them are well-known in their area of expertise. And as stated on our Terms, they will be looking at your Artistic/visual appeal of your images, the extent to which the photograph captures the essence of the theme & lastly, the images will be judged based on originality, creativity and relevance to the theme. If you really don’t understand are still confused, please kindly click here.


13) May I Edit the Images for Submission?
Wah Piangz As stated and posted on the competition pages, All submissions are allowed simple editing (cropping, tilt-adjustment, saturation, contrasts, exposures) and please hor, no Water Marks allowed as there will be a credit tag for your exhibited image(s). But please don’t over-edit until like HDR  refrain from heavy editing.  


14) May I Submit Monochrome or Black & White Images?
You try to submit then see we will disqualified lor. You may submit the images in either full color or in Monochrome – including cross-processed effects or sephia etc. We don’t care really.


15) When & Where is the Photo Exhibition?
What have you been smoking? As stated on all competition related pages, the freaking Exhibition Date will be from Sunday, 30 July – Tuesday, 8 August 2017 and it will be held at Capitol Theatre, 11 Stamford Road, Singapore 178884. Please don’t ask us how to get there.


16) Will the Judges know who are the Photographers who submitted?
– The Judges & Curator can only view the number code that our Administrators have assigned. They have no access to the photographers who submitted their images. However, all the winners will be make known to the judges after the judging. Any problem with that


17) Why Watermarks Not Allowed?
I feel like splashing your face with water now.  As stated in our terms & conditions, we will be providing a name & caption tag on your exhibited piece if yours really get exhibited and there is no need to have your watermarks on the image. Is that clear?


18) How Many Images May I submit?
The Terms & Conditions never state how many right?  Participants are welcome to submit as many entries as they wish. However it is also our discretion to disqualified as many as we wish too especially if the images submitted are… you know what I mean.re Questions?


19) Why I asked Questions about the Contest and gotten no response?
– Everything also need us to spoon-feed you? regarding the competition had been posted & re-posted  on almost every page relating to the contest. If we do not respond to your questions, you may wish to just visit the all the contest-related pages and likely all your answers can be found. Developing a clutch mentality will not lead you anywhere in life.


20) I Submitted my entries already but it never appear on the “Accepted Entries” Page. Why?
Our administrators are human and they don’t work around the clock.  We will try our best to update the Accepted Entries Pages as often as we can. Do you know how many entries we are receiving and tons of them we have to reject? All submitted entries have to be checked for minimum size, captions within the 30 words limit, check for watermarks and all the required information before the submissions gets to the Curator. You think so easy meh? Please allow us some time to upload the entries. In another case, you must have forgotten to read the Terms & Conditions and had submitted incomplete information, super long caption, forgot to give us your details or your image simply sucks. your entry could have been rejected or disqualified due to non-compliance of the published terms & conditions.


21) What happened When Entries are Duplicated? Like Sending in the same images Twice?
You very free is it? Please do not send in the same image twice. As that will hamper the administrators’ work and slow down the approval process. Sending in the same image twice will not double your chance of winning. Participants who send in duplicates despite warning reminders may be subjected to a complete ban from the competition. Happy now?



We understand at this point there will still be slow people who are confused.
please see below for some quick links.

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7) To read this all over again, please click here.

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