The Judges

Judging of entries will be done by representatives from Capitol Piazza and the following panel of judges.

Entries will be judged based on originality, creative, artistic/visual appeal and extent to which the photograph captures the essence of the theme.


Allan LEE (Curator )
Allan Lee.JPG

A Certified PA Trainer for Photography, Registered Photography Instructor with the Ministry of Education and a well-known Commercial photographer, Allan has sat on numerous Judging Panels for Photography Competitions and has conducted photography courses, talks across the island with several MNCs, Grassroots Organizations & Interest Groups in Singapore.

With a few Solo Photography Exhibitions to his name, Allan had also won several awards throughout his career although he prefers to excel in Photography Education. As the appointed Reviewer or Ambassador for many camera brands in Singapore, Allan’s articles had crossed many borders and placed Singapore on the world map.



Hilarion Goh (Chief Judge)
Hilarion Goh.PNG

A Full Time Professional photographer with presence in many Asia countries, a photography instructor with many institutions, Hilarion devotes a significant amount of time overseas shooting cover spreads or magazines.

Hilarion is also known for his creative work in many genres. With many awards & accreditations to his name, Hilarion is also a regular face at grassroots events, competition judging and other times, teaching photography classes or doing charity work.


Tommy Chia (Judge)
Aerial photographer Tommy Chia
A professional aerial photographer who has became a household name for the last 2 decades, Tommy is also well known for his studio works, for weddings and events photography and more recently, he is also reviewing photography equipment as a review Editor for photography websites. Tommy is also a senior member of many Photography
Associations in Singapore.



Jino Lee (Judge)
Jino Lee is an international award winning travel & destination photographer based in Singapore. Once a night owl having spent over 15 years as a musician and sound engineer, Jino traded late nights for early mornings and took up photography in 2003. He finds inspiration in photographing people, culture and landscape and that motivates him to pursue travel photography. As an assignment travel photographer, he photographs a broad range of subject that is related to the travel trade and tourism industry. His pictures centered mostly on human interest, with stories building upon and within each destination.

Jino had the honour to be one of the judges for National Geographic Channel’s photography contest and lead the winners to a photography workshop in Bali. His works have been featured in Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris, SilkAir’s Silkwinds, Turkish Airlines’ Skyline, National Geographic’s “Photo of the Day” and to name just a few. He is a contributor for Getty Images, Stocksy United, Barcroft Media UK and appointed destination photographer for SilkAir and Ink Global.

When he is not working, he loves to travel back to his hometown Penang to enjoy his favourite hawker food and hang out with his buddies.


Liew Tong Leng (Judge)
Liew Tong Leng (or Liew, as he prefers to be called) picked up photography in 1992, as a result of being in the company of friends who were photography enthusiasts. Little did he know then that this hobby would blossom into a full-blown passion that would take him to places he’d never imagine. Literally.

Trained as an engineer, Liew naturally gravitates towards thoroughly understanding the mechanics of a camera and the details of the images he creates. This in-depth knowledge is something he passes on to his students – concepts that he’s personally mulled over to fully fathom, then succinctly put in words to make it comprehensible for the layman. Just ask him about “depth of field”!

In addition to the Science of photography, is the Art of it. And Liew has spent many years cultivating a creative eye. Never bound by themes posed to him, this talented photographer pushes the boundaries of interpretation, and uses his technical know-how to create images that are not only technically superior, but also beautifully and artistically crafted.

As a testimony to his technical and artistic talent, Liew has clinched hundreds of photography awards, including the Great Eastern 4th Photography Competition (2004), Best of Asian Aerospace Photography Contest (2004), and The Big Shot (2010), a reality TV programme aired on MediaCorp Ch5.



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