ArtWorkFoto – Get Personal

ArtWorkFoto – Get Personal
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This is a NEW article category. "Featured Merchant" serves as a reference and a review of photography stores. I am going to start this series with the shops that left me deep impression, both good & bad. If you have shopping experiences to share, do drop me a note at
ArtWorkFoto – Get Personal. 
Since the day I re-started my photography again, I went through (again) what almost every photographer will eventually go through. This "compulsory" culture is none other than Buying Things. (lolz).

Recently I was acquiring gears for the mobile studio which I will be using for some serious work. While asking fellow photographers for a good shop that carries a comprehensive inventory for lights & strobes, a name popped up, and I got curious. When I happened to be around that area recently, I went in and enquire about some strobes and soft boxes. I found myself in ArtWorkFoto.

The shop was well stocked with photography accessories. From Filters to Caps, from Flash to Strobes, there is something for everybody! If he starts to stock up more cameras, this will be the next "One Stop" shop soon. Though a little messy at the moment (they just moved in to this address recently), it is comprehensive!

Michael served me. He showed me what I asked for and he even gave me a demo. Without me asking, he showed me the alternative options to acheive what I need to acheive too. This is my first visit to this shop and I found the service rendered was somewhat memorable. Michael is a warmth chap, smiling and calm, most importantly, he understand what I am looking for and what I really need. This personalisd service and hospitality left a deep impression in me. I bought a studio strobe and a soft box from him eventually. I will be returning to ArtWorkFoto next week for another light stand. By the way, did I mentioned Michael is the Boss and he offered me a drink too. :)~

My Shopping Experience Rating: 8/10

ArtWorkFoto is located at 122 Middle Road, Midlink Plaza #01-06,S188973. 
Opens 11am to 8pm Daily. (Except Sunday)
Tel: 6338 6959

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