Featured Photographer – Benson Lin

Benson Lin

Benson is a quiet person right from day one when we first knew him. Very quiet. Quiet he may be, his photos are loud testimonials of what he is capable of when he is behind the shutter. He speaks through his photographs, and we mean it.  He is sort of an all-rounder photographer if a short description can best describe him. He is well versed in portraits, landscapes, events & abstracts. (At least that was what we found out!) We managed to go back in history and also found out Benson started with a Canon DSLR, moved to Panasonic Lumix and eventually to a Nikon DSLR.

His works speaks profoundly for himself and his photography skills. An expert with lights and composition, his photos are awe-inspiring to admire and enjoy. We took some time to browse through his Flickr and Facebook Albums and discovered that Benson is also a very experimental photographer. During his early days, his albums shows he went through the full cycle of "experimental photography" to what he is today, an accomplished photographer with great photos to his name & fame. Our favourites are his landscape photos and travel photos. These are the photos that actually allows you to be immersed into the mood, the story and the culture of the originating source for the shot taken. Don’t understand? Go browse his albums. (Links below). We have selected a few of his works to be featured on this article (without his permission) for our "selfish" enjoyment. Enjoy!  


Ways to Contact Benson;
Email: Not Stated.
Web: http://www.flickr.com/photos/benosaurous
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bensonlin
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