Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG Macro

Buying the 5th lens for our Sony can be a sticky affair. We want a Macro lens this time. We were comparing Sony’s SAL 100mm Macro F 2.8 with Tamron’s 90mm Macro & Sigma’s 105mm Macro. When specs, price and reviews were placed side by side, it is then evident that we should go for the Sigma unit. At that point of time, I was more inclined to Sigma simply because I just bought the Sigma 150-500mm at about the same time when we wanted to a buy Macro lens for the Sony. Sigma was my first 3rd party lens for my Canon EOS System and I was impressed with the build quality and image quality produced. So we bought the Sigma Macro lens in the end.

*Picture: Sigma 105mm F/2.8 EX DG Macro

Using it, this Sigma feels good on the hands and it handles just as good. Sigma claimed their lenses are built to last and I am convinced it does live up. However, I am also a little curious on why this lens was designed in such a way that the front lens elements is way deep inside from the front filter thread and recessed so deep inside. Best (or weird) part is, the lens portrudes out a good 42mm which the user must be careful not to go too near to the subject. (I’ve seen people focusing with this lens and the insect conveniently hopped into the front element!) Another "weird" part of the design is the push-pull mechanism which does the focusing and coupled with the AF/MF switch, Sigma named this a Dual Focus. (Lame?) Lastly, I was surprised that Sigma did not include a HSM (Hypersonic Motor) into this lens too. It could have been a super Macro lens. (Well, we did took advantage of the crop factor to get a corresponding range increased to 158mm!)

*Picture: Sigma 105mm F/2.8 EX DG Macro (When Extended)

Image quality is excellent & contrasty – expected from a 1:1 Macro lens. Using this Macro lens, our shots of insects & flowers are sharp and "nicely magnified" (Visit our Facebook Albums to check out) and all visible details are captured leaving nothing out. This lens is also an excellent portrait lens with a good working range, at wide open F 2.8, this lens produces interesting background blur (bokeh) and for some moments, I actually forgotten this is a Macro lens. Need I say more?

*Picture: Sigma 105mm F/2.8 EX DG Macro
Some Quick User Facts/ Information:
(If you are looking for the specs, please google yourself, it’s all over the internet.)
– Filter Size 58mm (back screw) or 77mm (front screw) 
– Lens Hood (Supplied in Box).

– Push-Pull Focus Design.
– Focal Range when used on cropped bodies with APS-C sensors – 158mm.
– Sigma’s "Sony Alpha-Mount" is designed for use on Sony Alpha Full Frame bodies & APS-C Cropped Bodies (with corresponding increase x1.5 APS-C).
What I Like:
– Good Image Quality.
– Light & Compact.
– Lens Build is good and purposeful.
– Cheaply Priced against proprietor brands.
– 58mm Filters are cheap to buy.
– Supplied Hood.
– Distance Scale Meter.

What I Hate:
– Not used to Push-Pull Focusing.

– Lens "Zoom Strays" at times.

*Picture Source Internet.
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