Flowers of Lamentations “Poppy Tears” by The Arts Fission Company

Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group was invited exclusively to cover the dance performance by The Arts Fission Company from 18th – 21st August 2010 at Black Box@ National Library. This is part of the "Flowers of Lamentations Series" titled "Poppy Tears". We are featuring some of the photos here, to view more photos on this event, please visit the SJS Group Page.

Reviews coming soon on Singapore Media Owners! Do check out in a couple of days!


Picture: Mayu Watanabe.

Picture: Bobbi Chen.

Picture: Shirley Wong.

Picture: Lynn Huang.

Picture: Edwin Wee

Picture: Wang Wei Wei.

Picture: Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group

Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Team:
Allan Lee – Chief Photographer
Tan Yoke Ling – Senior Photographer
Celes Fernandez – Senior Photographer
Sheladina Joseph – Senior Photographer
Ang Choo Wee – Senior Photographer
Julaiha Batcha – Senior Photographer
Wendy Leong – Senior Photographer
Prime Tambayong – Senior Photographer
To Find out more about The Arts Fission Company & their Dance Performances, please click here.

To Find out more about Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group, please click here.

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