“Indestructible Compacts” – Olympus Renews TOUGH with TG-620.

Olympus claims “DSLR” Picture Quality and new iHS Technologies ups the forte against the competition.

For those who worshipped TG-310, TG-615 and even the older TOUGH series like the TG-8010 etc, the TG-620 come as a new camera more than just an update.

The TruPic VI Image Processor is by far, the smartest. The ability to recognize a huge variety of shooting scenes, faster response and even good for low-light performance. Originally developed for the brand’s flagship DSLRs (E- series), Olympus just gave its competitors a run for their money by having this in the new TG0620. Those who are new to TOUGH, these are the incarnations from the 35mm MU series which had underwent a series of powerful improvements and enhancements till today’s “element proofed” version.

TOUGH is known for its use in freezing condition, underwater shooting and can take falls. Not just knocks mind you. This little compact is truly the adventurer’s best gear and a must to have. The TG-620 has the equivalent zoom range of 28-140mm (35mm eqv.) so this is also a useable “everyday” camera. From wide to telephoto, this range covers almost every genre of photography. To sweeten the deal, the TG-620 takes Full HD Videos and offers a scratch-proofed 3 inch LCD, now that is what I call a true outdoor compact.

Standard offerings like an array of creative filters, better ISO range and control, Eye-fi Card and a host of built-on functions just round up the TG-620 as the next TOUGH compact to consider for purchase.

Think TOUGH?  Think Olympus.

* Despite my continual request to have Press Releases in Word Format, Olympus still prefer to send me PDF File.
So, I am not going to post up the full specs here as it will be as good as retyping – waste of time. Go google for it or visit Olympus’s website for the full details.

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