New Olympus SZ-31 MR – The Sexy Flagship Compact.

Remember Olympus SZ-10 & SZ-11? Or the sexy SZ-30 MR?

Olympus updates the SZ Series with the NEW SZ-31 MR, a flagship compact that was touted as the “Light Traveller’s Camera”. Being the “lightest & cutest” ( as claimed by Olympus) compact in the “Super Zoom” class (20X Optical Zoom), the SZ-31 MR offers the user a superb zoom range of 25-600mm (35mm eqv), the 25mm at ultra wide will be great for landscape photography and the telephoto end of 600mm allows good wildlife range while managing every other genre in between nicely.

Featuring the company’s TruPic image processors, 2 of them to be exact, this gives the camera a faster response rate, better low-light performance and better focusing and it uses a dual-IS system (image stablization) best for shooting telephoto range to ensure sharp photos. Coupled with Olympus’ iHS technology, travelling with the SZ-31 MR will be stress-free.

As expected from all Olympus imaging products, the brand offers lots of built-in creative filters, shooting functions, full HD Videos and many more goodies. The SZ-31 MR comes in Silver or Black, look out for it when it hit the stores in May 2012.

* Despite my continual request to have Press Releases in Word Format, Olympus still prefer to send me PDF File.
So, I am not going to post up the full specs here as it will be as good as retyping – waste of time. Go google for it or visit Olympus’s website for the full details

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4 Responses to New Olympus SZ-31 MR – The Sexy Flagship Compact.

  1. What is different from the Olympus SZ 30?

    • All I can say is, it can only get better. 🙂
      Do surf a bit, there are many articles and reviews done by Dpreviw, DigitalRev, etc.
      As expected from Olympus, each new model is a milestone improvement and features are added by the loads.

      I am not an Olympus user, however, I have been reviewing their models and find it a joy to use.
      Do look out for an upcoming article within a week as I will be doing a full scale comparison test between the EPL2 & EPL3.

  2. Michael says:

    when does the Olympus SZ 31 come out in Hong Kong?

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