Olympus Announces STYLUS, a New Brand for Compact Digital Cameras

– A comprehensive line-up featuring advanced technologies and a range of designs to meet the needs of any lifestyle.

Olympus Imaging Singapore is pleased to announce the introduction of the STYLUS brand, which consolidates all Olympus compact digital cameras under a single banner. The STYLUS line makes its debut in September 2012.

Background of New Brand Introduction
Olympus has been expanding its line of compact digital cameras by providing each model with a distinctive concept designed to appeal to the different needs and lifestyles of potential users,  built on a foundation that includes high image quality close to interchangeable-lens system cameras, a high-performance lens based on the most advanced optical technology, and rugged construction to ensure reliability when used outdoors.

The upcoming new compact digital cameras will benefit from a host of unique features derived from the technological breakthroughs Olympus has achieved with its PEN series of Micro Four Thirds cameras and its flagship OM-D E-M5 camera. By launching all these products under a unified worldwide brand, STYLUS, Olympus hopes to establish a consistent vision and concept common to all products that will resonate with users. At the same time, each camera will be designed around its own unique concept, aiming to satisfy the specific needs of different users, from beginners to advanced users.

Brand Concept
STYLUS highlights Olympus’ commitment to creating products that respond to the various needs and desires of different lifestyles. The idea is to give users a way to “make your story” by combining five elements – technology, design, style, intelligence and active – in different ways that will enrich the photographic lives of different users. With STYLUS, Olympus is looking to bring the joys of creative photography to everyone, regardless of age, sex, experience, or ability. With a STYLUS camera, photography is both carefree and captivating. Not only do these cameras make it easy to capture each crucial moment in each individual’s “story”, they also offer an impressive array of exclusive features to enrich and express that story. Today, digital cameras are everywhere as people document their lives through images. STYLUS takes storytelling to a new level, providing new values and new ways of enjoying digital photography.

Brand Essence

– Technology
Olympus optical technology is epitomised by our lenses. With high-performance lenses and image-processing engines to assure superior results, STYLUS is the brand that delivers beautiful photographs.

– Design
Design that showcases your individuality. With finely-detailed design and build quality, STYLUS is the brand that is a pure pleasure to hold.

– Style
Photography is a form of expression, a reflection of your will. As a tool to capture the everyday with even greater quality, STYLUS is the brand that brings you the joy of personal expression.

– Intelligence
Intelligence that takes your photos to the next level. With advanced features that help you capture your vision, STYLUS is the brand that responds to your creative intent.

– Active
Portability and intuitive operation. With the ease of simply carrying it to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary, STYLUS is the brand that brings a sense of discovery to everyday life.

Lineup of STYLUS brand*

* As of September 17th, 2012. For more detailes on the products, please visit our website at http://www.olympusimage.com.sg

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