For the Self Righteous Photographer.

Anti social

So You Think You are the best photographer around town. You think the whole photography industry revolved around you. Always remember, just when you think you are “there”, high & almighty, likely someone else had already reached there long ago. Being self righteous will not bring you beyond where you are. And to smear your character further, your childish & immature mindset resulted you being a total brat without basic respect for others. To create more ripples, you even incited a boycott for certain photographers, for certain photo studios or for certain groups just because of your pettiness.

Well, people may be swayed by you for that moment, but for your baseless claims, you resulted in many photographers being deprived of a chance to hon their skills further. You changed impressions of others – do not forget, once people finally see the truth, those that you incited will eventually sees who you are really are. The local photography circle/ industry is small, everyone knows everyone – better to watch your back than stab others’ back.

You could be next.

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