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This is part 3.

I have created a new Category on this site for online cheats, so do check back often for updates and be protected. Especially Sellers from eBay.

Online Cheat Profile 2:
eBay Seller ID: “ambuslang”.
Real Name: Frank Wilcox
Company Name: Nil
Seller email: zander.prime@tiscali.co.uk
Claimed Location: UK.
Telephone: Non-US Verified



Recently, I was on a Minolta Project which involved finding old Minolta SLRs and its compatible lenses to
run a few roles of film. Which later, most of these photos will be showcased as part of a Heritage Project.
Since most SLRs from that era comes in 50mm focal length,  I decided to source for a wide angle to
take some shots which is not really possible with the 50mm. As usual, I went to eBay.

I found a listing for on eBay for a  “Makinon F2.8 Prime Lens – Minolta MD Fit” from a seller by the name of
“ambuslang” and found that he has this lens for sale which is perfect. And the price is reasonable for a lens of
this age. He described the lens as

Makinon 28mm f2.8 wide angle camera lens, manual focus Minolta MD fitting ……….. GREAT COSMETIC CONDITION AND WORKING ORDER ……… QUITE POSSIBLY NOT BEEN USED AT ALL. NO FUNGUS, SCRATCHES OR DUST ON OR INSIDE THE LENSES. Comes with original box and packaging.

Ebay Ebay3

So I decided to get it from this guy and get it fast. I clicked “Buy it Now” and paid for it within the next
few minutes.


The parcel came. Excitedly, I opened the box, upon careful inspection, I found;

1) 2 big pieces of dirt were inside the elements. you cannot remove these dirt unless you dismantle the lens.
2) a 1cm scratch across the front element visible when you turn the lens 45 degree when standing directly under a light source.
3) on the focusing ring near the aperture counters, there is an obvious dent suggesting this lens had been dropped before.
4) fungus marks on the inside of rear lens caps.

Just imagine how disappointed I am. So I wrote to “ambuslang”.


I wrote and described the problem as clearly as possible.
And guess what?
Check out his reply below.


He denied all the way claiming the lens was checked by him and there was nothing wrong with the lens.
He claimed no scratch on the lens and I believed he was not careful or, he does not know how to assess
a lens or he must have a serious case of short-sightings.

How can anyone missed a 1 cm scratch? And not to mention the 2 pieces of visible dirt inside the
lens. The dent was quite hidden so I am not blaming him for anything, but what about the fungus on the rear lens cap?
In his reply, he was quoted as “….. I am sorry but I cannot be held responsible for it.” And he now expects me to ship back the lens, at my own costs for him to “inspect”. After reading his reply, will you even dare to send back the lens?
What if after he received the lens then he tells you he did not? Such a defensive and dodgy person you dare to buy anything from this person? Since this is small money, I have decided that after the project, I will ship the lens back
to his joker. I don’t even want my money back, I had just done charity.

Photographers, if you are searching on ebay for photographic items and come across this seller “ambuslang”,
be careful.

You have been warned.

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