eBay Beware – Online Cheat “a0922802596”

This is part 4.

I have created a new Category on this site for online cheats, so do check back often for updates and be protected. Especially Sellers from eBay.

Online Cheat Profile: “Scott Kuo”
eBay Seller ID: “a0922802596”.
Real Name: Yang Yu Ning
Company Name: Nil
Seller email: joycastle0120@yahoo.com.tw
Claimed Location: Taiwan.
Telephone: Non-US Verified



I bought 2 items from this seller “a0922802596” on 2nd of January 2013 for my Pentax cameras.
Seeing that the seller had deal for 38000+ times on eBay, i felt safe to purchase from this person.
So I clicked “Buy it now” and paid for the purchases on the same day.

Then a month passed and nothing was delivered, so in mid Feb, I wrote to the seller asking about the
items and she claimed that it is probably on the way and advised me to wait for another week.
As expected a week passed and I wrote to this seller again and she claimed maybe the package is
lost which is common for small packages. She offered to resend the items. I agreed.

After a few days, she wrote back to me claiming the items that I had purchased is no longer in stock, then
she offered a refund. I replied and agreed. Then this is when things happened. No refund were made, no
more respond from her and and she even removed her selling lists from my view (a function available to sellers)!

Atrocious! This is really small money to me, but it is the principle of selling and being a responsible seller.
I wrote back to her a couple more times and still she is not replying at all. Leaving with no choice and to prevent
more people to get cheated from this seller, I had opened a case on ebay/PayPal today and I decided to “feature”
this eBay cheat here – for the good of all.


E6 E3 E5


Photographers & other Buyers, if you are searching on ebay for photographic items or novelties
and come across this seller “a0922802596”, be careful.

You have been warned.

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  1. Thank you. You just saved me.

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