The Pentax WG-3 Adventure

Our Sub-Editor Edward Tian reviews the Adventure-Proof PentaxWG-3
text: Allan Lee

Pentax WG-3 Key Functions:
– Waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, coldproof, dustproof
– Backlit 16 megapixel CMOS sensor
– New-generation Imaging Engine
– PENTAX Sensor-Shift Shake Reduction system
– Advanced GPS functions & Wireless Recharging

The Adventure Begins
Into its 15th incarnation, the Pentax WG series is familiar with extreme adventurers from all over the world. Boasting great image quality and a wide aperture lens, the WG-3 even comes with a digital pressure meter, altitude & depth gauges, a compass & wireless charging for the WG-3 that is GPS enabled. With these functions, there is no where you cannot go with the WG-3.

Into the camera, the ISO max out at 6400 but noise are better controlled at 3200, but most will like the bright backlight CMOS sensor that promises to deliver super high resolution photos that are color-accurate whether you are shooting 45 feet under the sea or high up in the Alps with sub-zero temperatures. With a very useable and sensible focal range of 25-100mm F4 (35mm equivalent), the WG-3 is ready for any adventure!

I must add that I really love the LED Lights built around the lens rims that comes on when doing a macro close-up.

Pentax claimed the WG to be “Adventure Proof”.
Our Review Sub-Editor Edward Tian will take the Pentax WG-3 through its paces and to totally abuse it to see if the camera is for real.

Edward decided that his daughter “S” should have a go at abusing the Pentax WG-3 – at a water park of course!


My jaws dropped when Edward sent me these photos of his daughter not just shooting with the WG-3, she is
like letting the water gushed non stop onto the camera and……


She even dropped it hard, coupled with the fast flowing water, Edward told me the WG-3 landed with a loud
“thud”. And hey, the camera survived and still works. Somehow, the material used for the body allows itself
to got away from this abuse without a single scratch. Wow!


Since the Pentax WG-3 is crush proof, what better way will be to check then to really crush it. Edward
had the WG-3 rolled over by a Honda Civic and ……


the WG-3  survived the crushing! The light on the integrated GPS/ Electronic Gauges lights up to show
that the camera is still alive. Here’s a closer view!


Amazed? It’s not a brick that Edward is reviewing here, it’s a camera. So let’s take a look at the photos
that the WG-3 produced.

The Night Scene

Shooting Food

On Macro Close Ups.

Miniature Mode

I am totally sold on the camera! Probably the only complaint that Edward has was, the camera unit that were loaned to us is probably not a production model and maybe that explains the battery life is slightly shorter than published.

A quick check with the local Pentax Agent (APDS) confirmed that the unit that we had above is just a demo unit which
the circuitry is not the same as the production model. That also explained why the battery life is erratically unstable. However, the agent assures us and the public that this problem will not exists in the cameras from the main shipment.


Picture: Edward Tian (Edward Adios)

As usual, we are not interested to post the full specs here as you can easily check it up at

What is more important to us is, how the photos turned out and how the camera performed.
Wouldn’t you agree?

About Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING CORPORATION was originally founded in 1919 under the name Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co. In the 1950s, launched the first SLR camera, the Asahiflex I, and the company haven’t stopped since. From the Asahi PENTAX single-lens reflex camera to the Spotmatic and to our most recent K-5II and incredibly tiny Q10, Pentax empowers and inspired photographers around the world.

About APDS


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Since its inception Audio & Photo has had been the distributor of many well-known international consumer brands such as Konica cameras from Japan, Kenwood and Nakamachi hi-fi products from Japan, and Metz flash and accessories, Rollei cameras and Jos Schneider enlarging/professional lenses from Germany, to name a few.

Currently Audio & Photo Distributor is the sole distributor of Pentax & Ricoh cameras from Japan . With over 35 years of marketing experience and history, Audio & Photo has developed a strong network of dealers located islandwide in Singapore with whom it enjoys close rapport and support.

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  1. Fred says:

    Just the type of tough camera I was looking for my upcoming trip to Taman Negara! Do you of any particular retailer? Seems like Courts, Harvey Norman and Best Denki don’t have it. Appreciate a response!

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    Hi Fred, or you can contact Allan directly.

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