Who is the real Pentax Distributor in Singapore?


15th April 2013 – This just in. A reader emailed me informing us that there has been some
sort of stolen identity and controversies surrounding the brand Pentax in Singapore.

From our understanding, Pentax was previously distributed by Emjay Singapore and there was
a change of distributorship since end of 2012 to the current distributor Audio & Photo Distributor (F.E) Pte Ltd
(better known as APD Singapore).

However, a Facebook account going by the name of “Pentax Singapore” had surfaced and was misrepresenting the
current distributor with rude and harsh comments when the public asked the said account on regards to servicing
details. A quick check on the “Pentax Singapore” facebook included links to PENTAXWEBSTORE.SG which is not managed by the current distributor APD Singapore. On the web page, the page owner also claimed that they are the “Official Pentax Distributor in Singapore” which further confuses the public into La-La-land.

When we contacted APD Singapore to verify, Mr. Kenny Khaw from APD Singapore confirmed that APD Singapore is
the exclusive distributor for all PENTAX Brand products from DSLRs, Lenses, Compact Cameras, Binoculars & Accessories. He further confirmed that there is no other “official distributor” in Singapore. However Kenny added that likely, there might be others who parallel-imported these units in for sale in Singapore. He also mentioned that it is possible to trace the origins of the product from the serial number that runs on a world0wide system. Buying these “grey sets” are not encouraged, he added.

Below are some of the screen shots sent in by the reader who alerted us.

For details & clarifications, please contact Singapore’s Appointed Distributor for PENTAX at +65 62739622 or
visit http://www.apds.com.sg/



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2 Responses to Who is the real Pentax Distributor in Singapore?

  1. DK says:

    Aiya. When Emjay become the distributor for Pentax, they setup that Facebook page. Then when they lost the distributorship, they didn’t close the Facebook page or transfer to the new distributor.

    I think the problem here lies with Pentax. They shouldn’t allow distributor to setup the Facebook page. A better solution will be for Pentax to setup the Facebook page and let the distributor manage it. When they change distributor, the management of the Facebook page should be transferred to the new distributor.

    Anyway, the new distributor can simply lodge a complain to Facebook to get that page shut down and setup a new page.

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