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LHA Outing Feb 2013
Picture: The Landscape Hunters Asia (LHA)

14th June 2013, Singapore – This is the 2nd featured article from the special photography group series that we will be running for this month. For this week, we have a pack of photography hunters – more commonly & widely known as Landscape Hunters Asia (LHA)!

As a “Hunter” this group is considered as “hardcore” by most photography standards and to keep the hunting spirit in the group, every photo shoots by the group is planned and the members employ different strategies in the hunt (for photo shooting sites). LHA practice lone wolf hunts as well as pack attacks. (Shooting alone or in a group) It can be daunting for newcomers to the group and whenever LHA members are all out in full force for a shoot, you can imagine how the venue will look like. Just imagine, a pack of 20 or more photographers descending on a site like Gardens By The Bay’s Super Trees.

Hill Golden Vince
Picture: Photo by Hunter Vince Chong.

At times, LHA outings may sounds and looks like a battle with all Hunters vying for the best angle, the occasional inter-twined tripod legs and shutter clicks. It’s indeed a hunt.

Landscape Hunters Asia – The founding members are Edward Adios, Chester Chen, Jonathan Danker, Vince Chong and Christopher Harriot.

Landscape Hunters Asia was founded in 2011. A group of hardcore Landscape/Architecture photographers needed a dedicated social media platform to share ideas and network globally. However, there wasn’t any on Facebook so the founders set out to build a group catering to just landscape and architectural photography.

Pandan Res Vince 4Mar
Picture: Photo by Hunter Vince Chong.

Picture: Hunter Vince Chong.

To start a group from ground zero, the founders roped in some acquaintances and photographers and people whom the founders looked up to for their own passion and expertise. The rest is history. From five heroes to 888 members (as of 15 May 2013), the group population exploded! The group was initially set up with Asia in mind, however it is open to anyone from anywhere across the globe.

LHA wants photographers who shoots and want to share their works while learning the craft without politics, advertising, spamming, poaching or the distraction of other non-photography related subject, this is the place to be. LHA members are amongst the best in Singapore, Asia and the world.

Picture: Photo by Hunter Edward Adios (Edward Tian).

Currently most of the LHA members are from South East Asia. The group serves as a platform for sharing and learning on photography but the real intention is for LHA to be a resource for learning about other Hunters (landscape) playgrounds since travel and photography go hand-in-hand. LHA has played host to visiting photographers like Elia Locardi, Beboy Photographies, Bali and Thailand photographers. Similarly, Penang and Bali photographers have hosted Singapore Hunters.

Picture: Photo by Hunter Edward Adios (Edward Tian).

Picture: Hunter Edward Adios (Edward Tian).

As the group name suggest, LHA’s primary focus is Landscape and Architectural Photography. The group founders shared that they didn’t want any distraction so they are very specific and strict with the genre. For those photographers who wish to showcase other genres like macro, street, product or pet photography, LHA advised these photographers to go to other photography groups. Well, this may sound arrogant on first read, but think about it again, since the group started based on a specific genres, I think it is only fair that LHA has such a rule in place to keep things in order.

chester 1
Picture: Photo by Hunter Chester Chen.

LHA members consists of photography noobs to semi-pros, since joining the group, the members have shown a lot of improvement in terms of style, composition, technique & processing skills, this is what LHA wants – for everyone to improve together.

chester 2
Picture: Photo by Hunter Chester Chen.

chester chen
Picture: Hunter Chester Chen.

We have dedicated a few interview questions specially for the founders of LHA as below:

An Interview with the Founders of Landscape Hunters Asia (LHA)

Ed: How does photography inspires the founders?

LHA: It’s a daily inspiration to see the world differently in all shapes, sizes and light.

Ed: How does managing a photo group feels? Any ups & downs?

LHA: Managing the group can be taxing as we all have other commitments. We had experienced lots of ups & sometimes it feels like it is too good to be true. We haven’t really experienced any setbacks or downward change since the group started. In fact, some members have been so dedicated to the group that we’ve enrolled them to take over some of the administrative responsibilities. This also gives the founding members some breathing room to work on other ways to engage and bring excitement to the group.

harriot 2
Picture: Photo by Hunter Christopher Harriot.

Ed: How frequently does the group meet up and is there other activity that had
been organized that is non-photography related? Like social events?

LHA: LHA has little pockets of friends that meet up and shoot almost on a daily basis. This is certainly hardcore. The best non-photography related activity all take part in is shopping. I guess it is kind of photography related but not actual shooting. We like to “poison” (influence) each other with photography gear purchases. We’ve gone out for drinks and dine but usually it involves photography at the same time. We once tried to go for a meal together and no photography but we failed. (laughs)

Ed: In your view, what is the most important element in photography?

LHA: Lighting is the key to photography as that is what you are capturing to make your image. The other aspects complement lighting so there really isn’t one important element. The elements have to come together at that instance to create the shot. Look at it as a package that must be complete before a good photo is created.

harriot 1
Picture: Photo by Hunter Christopher Harriot.

Ed: In the diversified and sometimes complicated circle of photography, have you met good people as well as bad people?

LHA: In life we will always meet good and bad people. In photography, there are certainly people who have their own mindset, their own way of doing things, their old diehard habits. We can’t change them but we can try our best to be open towards them. If they also cannot accept us for who we are, our comments and our advices, we have no choice but to move on. To us, it makes no sense in wasting our precious time and energy on such people as that takes away everything from what we love to do most.

Ed: Please describe the relationship among you & your photography members in 01 sentence.

LHA: Every Hunter sees another Hunter like Family. Across the Globe we bond as one through our passion.

Chris Harriot
Picture: Hunter Christopher Harriot.

Ed: Is there any Allied photography group that your group associates with?
Any rival groups?

LHA: We do not associate ourselves with any other groups as we see ourselves as unique and a leader in this Genre.

Ed: Is there a person/ group that inspires your group?

LHA: We are inspired by the work of Elia Locardi, Beboy, Daniel Cheong, Mike Hollman, Michael Freeman, Anthony Gelot & National Geographic Photographers.

J Danker 1
Picture: Photo by Hunter Jonathan Danker.
J Danker 2
Picture: Photo by Hunter Jonathan Danker.

Ed: What visions & dreams do you have for your photo group?

LHA: We aspire to build the group where it can be a commercially viable operation that can help grow amateurs to professional status through the addition of training/education programs. As we are also networking with other countries we’d like to explore the idea of intercontinental photography expeditions. Right now we’d like to see our active members grow as we seem to have hit a plateau where the regulars are the only ones participating.

Ed: Thank you LHA for the wonderful and insightful sharing!

Jon Danker
Picture: Hunter Jonathan Danker.

Landscape Hunters Asia is dedicated to the world through the lens of Landscape-loving photographers whom are currently residing in Asia. The group hopes to achieve, within the boundaries of your own country’s group of photographers, the spirit of sharing, learning and exploring.

Landscape Hunters Asia can be contacted as below:
Group Website:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/landscapehuntersasia/
Group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/landscapehuntersasia/
Group Contact Person: Edward Tien, Chester Chen, Vincent Chong, Jonathan Danker
Group Contact Person Email: vchong0243@gmail.com

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