Donate your Old Camera – For a Good Cause.



Donate your Old Camera
and Touch the Lives of Beneficiaries in Marine Parade‏

09th June 2014, Singapore – The PMET Division of People’s Association (Singapore), together with Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC), is piloting a “Donate Your Old Camera!” drive, a meaningful initiative aimed at touching the lives of the less privileged children and youth, enabling them to uncover the joy of photography and capture their childhood memories, through encouraging anyone and everyone to donate their old camera(s).

PMET would like to invite you and your members/friends to donate your unused cameras which are still in working condition. Your cameras will directly benefit the children and youth at TOUCH Young Arrows and the less privileged from Marine Parade.

Three Simple Steps to Make Another Child’s Day

Step 1: Locate your nearest donation point (there are 11 donation points)

Click on this banner for donation points and more details
(Or click here if your browser does not work)

Step 2: Head down to the donation point

Step 3: Drop off your cameras which are still in working condition with battery and charger

Donation period

4th June 2014 – 4th September 2014

We look forward to your support in this “Donate Your Old Camera!” drive.  More information could be found at

This inaugural initiative is part of MNG CARE programme where we encourage photography-loving people to give back through photography.





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