The Monkey That Went Viral


The Monkey That Went Viral

Photo: Photo by Steven Hee, neither Steven nor the Monkey knew they were going places.

Note: This article is supposed to be published no 6th Feb 2015, but we decided to bring forward as we heard from reliable sources that this Monkey is almost reaching Russia. So it might be a better idea to publish now.


04th February 2015, Singapore – Recently a photo of a monkey appeared on our Facebook group page. The photographer who shot this photo was Mr. Steven Hee. But what Steven did not expect was, this photo of a monkey with a “couldn’t-care-more” or “cannot-be-bothered” look went viral. From what we understand from Steven, this shot was taken at Macritchie Reservoir in Singapore.

According to our sources, this photo had been made into several photography-related meme and it is circulating fast in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. We estimated that this photo had been seen by at least 50,000 individuals since this photo was posted 8 days ago.

Several members of the group also tried their hands on making this photo into a meme. (that includes me too haha). Here’s some for your enjoyment.

by AL.

More after the jump.


by Carmen (Hong Kong).
Carmen Carmen1

by Robin.
Robin Choo

And recently, Steven went to Horse City, Singapore and he returned with the below shot of a horse which is laughing and grinning. I have a feeling that might be the next biggest meme photo soon. what do you think?


Thank you Steven for allowing us to use your photos to create unimaginable and insane memes. Let’s see where the bochap monkey or this laughing horse will end up one day.
Once again, Thank you Steven!


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