Pink Submissions #06 “Red” Editor’s Pick


Pink Submissions #06 “Red: Editor’s Pick
Pink Feature

06th February 2015, Singapore – This is the 6th Pink Submissions by Pink Photographers Singapore (PPSG). For this round, we took on the theme of “Red” – and making it more challenging, I added that no Chinese New Year (CNY) related photos should be submitted since CNY is all about Red – the auspicious color that all Chinese believes in.

Red has multiple meanings, significance and symbolism to many things. It can be happiness, danger, sexiness, fresh, lively etc and this gives the photographers lots of versatility to play with for this submission. We received a total of 149 entries this round and by far, the largest number from a single female-based photography group and we are indeed overwhelmed by the response.

Before we go to the submissions, here’s some words from the Editor as well as the sponsor P & G Photographic Centre.

“As the curator and editor, I must share that I happy to see many new photographers submitting their works and on overall, the standards had been raised again by the entries. Good job ladies! You gals made my hard work all worthwhile. I enjoy the photos very much – thank you!”
– AL, Editor.

“Red may be just a color, but it holds an ocean. We love the entries ”
David Phan, P & G Photographic Centre.

Enjoy the entries!
(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance not in any order)



Editor’s Picks #06 Pink Submission “RED”.
– Let’s see what or how the Pink Photographers define the theme “Red” and how they expressed the theme into images. For this round, I am doing away with the commentaries but instead, I would like to invite you to look at the selected entries and try to understand (or figure out) why we picked these excellent images. Here we go.

1) Red Baby Octopus – Adelene Ng
Adelene Ng

2) Red Strawberries – Alice Chia
Alice Chia

3) Red Dining Table – Alice Hsu
Alice Hsu1

4) Red Dahlia – Carolyn Ho
Carolyn Ho

5) Red Awl – Eileen Maki Val
Eileen  Maki Val

6) Red Post Box – Ellis Jade TayEllis Jade Tay

7) Red Chrysanthemum – Iris Eu
Iris Eu1

8) Red Classic Mercedes Benz -Joanna NgJoanna Ng1

9) Red Umbrella – Lee Siew Yian
Lee Siew Yan

10) Red Art Display – Low Poh Ai
Low Poh Ai

11) Red Singapore Cheer Banners – Magdalene Teo-Yong
Magdalene TY

12) Red Window – Cindy (Muse Muse)MuseMuse Cindy1

13) Red Prakeet – Nanette Cruz
Nanette Cruz

14) Red Shoes – Neelima PatnaikNeelima Patnaik‎

15) Red Apples – Norafida Tomoshika Luketika‎Norafida Tomoshika Luketika‎

16) Red Dress – Regina Mak
Regina Mak

17) Red Sun Shades – Soh Chui LianSoh Chui Lian

18) Red Descending Walkway – Suvarna Devacharan‎Suvarna Devacharan‎

19) Red Cut Asian Chilli – Tan HuihuiTan HuiHui

20) Red Jellyfishes – Zhang Tiantian
Tiantian Zhang

21) Red Corridor – Trisha Lim
Trisha Lim

22) Red Temple Doors – Fione (Wee & Soh)
WeenSoh Fion


And the Prize Winners for the #06 PINK SUBMISSION are!
– Proudly Sponsored by P & G Photographic Centre.

1st Prize – Lee Siew Yian
“The Red Umbrella”
(Prize: SunPro Dry-Box)
Lee Siew Yan
Editor’s Note: This is surely an interesting way to present an umbrella. Using the backlight, Siew Yian plays with the shadows from the umbrella structure against the design on the umbrella surface creating a superb image with a depth of thoughts. This is the type of image that I will print and hang it in my office – for it evokes inner thoughts and sends you off to another dimension especially when you are already deep in it.
Well Done Siew Yian! 


2nd Prize – Regina Mak
“Red Dress”

(Prize: Pentax 35mm Compact Camera)
Regina Mak
Editor’s Note: Red, when presented on a person can make or break the overall  effect of expressing over an image. This model has the “right looks” at the “right place” at the “right angle” with the “right light” and in the “right color”. Honestly, we have nothing “left” to complain about – in fact we love how this portrait was presented by Regina.
We love this Regina!


3rd Prize – Cindy (Muse Muse)
“Red Window”
(Prize: Steinzeisser 4-Section Tripod)
MuseMuse Cindy1
Editor’s Note: A Red Window opens the world, your world into thousand of possibilities. Cindy presented this interesting image of a red window set against a dullish looking wall with a few pigeons on the latch – made us took a few extra looks. For this image evokes memories, missed opportunities and an insane mix of positives and negatives nicely blended together. This image is powerful.
Good job Cindy!


And! We have a special mention of the below entries!

Cool entry by Tan Huihui “Red Cut Asian Chilli”
Tan HuiHui
Editor’s Note:
 Maybe I am a fan of Chilli. We just love this image by Huihui for no reason. 🙂

Congratulations to All the Winners & Those Who are on Special Mention!

You will be Notified on the Collection of your prize via FB.
For those that didn’t win, please try harder next time.
Remember, it’s not about the prize, but taking up the challenge and going all out to shoot the theme in your own way and expressing yourself.

Thank you for your participation Ladies! Love you all!

Special Thanks to P & G Photographic Centre for sponsoring the Prizes!

Till then, look out for the next #07 Pink Submissions!



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