Pink Submission #14 “Blue” Editor’s Picks

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Pink Submission #14 “Blue”Editor’s Picks
Pink Feature 

04th April 2016, SingaporePINK Photographers Singapore (PPSG) – We have a rather interesting theme this round for Pink Submissions #14. The Sponsor – Cathay Photo Store had selected a color theme and Blue was the color. Blue being very much part of everyone’s lives also can be used for a variety of expressions, moods and interpretations. Looking at the 300+ entries submitted this round, this further confirms that Blue is very simple yet vast at the same time, innocent and yet diverse. Not exactly an easy theme if you ask me.


Together with the judges (Sponsor), We have selected the below images that best represent this theme and several things were considered before the image made it here. From compositions, exposure, image quality and clarity to final delivery and captions. Before we get to the selected entries, let’s hear what the sponsor Cathay Photo & the Editor AL have to say about the entries.

“When Cathay Photo told me they had selected the theme – BLUE – for this submission, I went blank for a couple of minutes. Seemingly a simple theme, but to submit an image with a Blue theme is not easy. And I wonder what images will the Ladies from Pink submit. Well, after the entries poured in, I am not disappointed, Good Job Ladies!”
 AL, Editor.

“We selected a color theme and thought that this will be good challenge for the Pink Photographers. Blue happened to be our favorite color and we wanted to see how the color Blue gets interpreted by so many individuals. We went through every single entry and finally selected the winning images although we really love almost all the submitted images! Nice work Ladies!”
– Charmaine & Jasmine, Cathay Photo Store. 


Enjoy the Editor’s Picks (Selected entries)!
(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance in NOT in any Order)

Pink Submission #14 “BLUE” Editor’s Picks

1) Selected Featured Entry Blue Bayou by Yuli Wan

2) Selected Featured Entry Blue Electrocuted by Trisha Lim

anigif final


3) Selected Featured Entry Untitled by Cindy (Muse Muse)

4) Selected Featured Entry Manta Ray by Joanna Ng

Alan Photo


5) Selected Featured Entry Reflection by Ellis Jade Tay

6) Selected Featured Entry Serenity by Nicole PH

7) Selected Featured Entry Blue Theme by Magdalene Teo-Yong

8) Selected Featured Entry Dawn by Pang Teng Lin

9) Selected Featured Entry Sun Set by Chew Mei Mei

anigif final


10) Selected Featured Entry Patterns by Jeslin Tan

11) Selected Featured Entry Early Blue by Peh Huili

12) Selected Featured Entry Sun Set Blue by Soh Chui Lian 
The above were the selected featured entries for this submission. This round, I am doing away with the commentaries and critiques as I think that the interpretations are far to many for this theme, so are you ready to find out who are the winners?


And the Winners are!!!!

1st Place – Sun Set Blue
Photographer: Soh Chui Lian 
Congratulations Chui Lian! You’ve WON a Lowepro Nova Sports 35L worth $118.00!

2nd Place – Blue Theme
Photographer: Magdalene Teo Yong 
Congratulations Magdalene! You’ve Won a Lowepro Nova Sports 17L worth $90.00!

3rd Place – Untitled
Photographer: Cindy (Muse Muse)
Congratulations Cindy! You’ve Won a Lowepro Nova Sports 7L worth $56.00!

Prizes this Round are Proudly Sponsored by Cathay Photo Store!

All Winners Will Be Notified via FB Messenger on the Collection Details.
Congratulations Ladies!

Special Thanks to Cathay Photo Store for sponsoring the prizes!
For those that didn’t win, don’t give up & please try harder next time.
Thank you for your participation Ladies!

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