Pink Submissions #16″Architectures”

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Pink Submissions #16″Architectures”
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09th February 2017, Singapore – The Ladies over at PINK Photographers SG was given another theme for photo-share. This round I wanted Architectures and as the submissions trickles in, I notice a diversity in what does architectures means to these photographers and how they perceived the theme. From old buildings to modern skyscrapers, all these are part of architectures and I am glad to have requested for this theme, it simply shows how a building can be documented in so many ways! Took me a while to select all the submitted images and the below selected submissions are interesting to view, enjoy!
Once again, good job ladies!

Let’s see what the Ladies from PINK SG had submitted! Image appearing not in any order.
(I had also taken the liberty to mildly edit some of the images without the ladies’ permission – lol!)
1) From Pang Teng Lin – When architectures comes to mind, many photographers will naturally form a mental picture of an external image of a building, while a few will think of the interior, from inside out. This image from the inside of a building with a sky glass created an abstract and attractive feel to it. While the glass reflected the sun creating flares, this is one image that I will print and hang it in my study room. I love this Teng Lin!


2) From Cindy S – Modern buildings of today speaks of not just practicality, but design and ambient cues are also an integral part of architectures today. Repetitive patterns are a favorite for those who love to shoot interior of buildings. In this example, Cindy chose to compose this shot at an angle that adds to the mysterious feel while rendering it in monochrome to complete the delivery for a strong and powerful image. Good job Cindy!

anigif final


3) From Nicole Wong – While many photographers had been to this place and shot this dome from the interior, Nicole shot it at the blue hour and at an angle that is slightly off -center to create a infinity effect along with a contrasting back(twil)light. Although a simple shot, this composition moves away from the usual fare and stands out completely. A pleasant shot to enjoy viewing any time.Nicole.jpg


4) From Kee Bee – I like this image by Kee Bee because not that this image is professionally done or edited, rather, I like it with the “as it is” feel, some may say that this is a snapshot but hey, don’t you have tons of images like this in your smart phone too? Looking at this image from the 1st person point of view have me “standing” right at where Kee Bee was standing and it gave me the on-site feel. Some times such images are more real than your technically-correct-finely-framed-and-edited shots. I really like the feel of this image – Thanks Kee Bee!




5) From Doris Ang – This image was originally submitted in color, I decided to render it into monochrome to add the “coldness” of this image. Nothing is more cold than a subway that is completely vacant and making it colorless just adds the dread to create a stronger image. Although this image may also be interpreted as a scene off a horror movie, this image also shows the contrast of how a busy place can be really dead and quiet. In brief, this image trickles my thoughts, i love it Doris! Doris Ang.JPG


6) From Pang Teng Lin – A walkway, a corridor usually features a repetitive pattern which is also another favorite of photographers. Although there’s a photo-bomb in this image, this shot was shot at a right time where the sun from the outside overwhelms the interior by reflecting light to the inner pillars that reflects the same light to the walkway ceiling and illuminating all the details and patterns. This created a unique exposure balance and everything else in this image is so neat making this image a joy to view & enjoy.


7) From Pang Teng Lin – Recently many local photographers had flocked to this place in one of the “city garden” creating their own versions of this scene. Making use of the arc and framing a “city hotel” within the arc, this is a refreshing composition of this place. Teng Lin picked an angle where the descending curves on the right are in tangent to the hotel’s downward curve on the right. This created a new perspective and very different from what the others had shot, google a bit and you will know what I meant. Teng Lin thanks for sharing this, now I have another angle to shoot this!




8)  From Carolyn Chee – Guess what interest me most on this image? Nope, not that church, I’ve been there before. Look carefully and you will see the triangle flags flapping in the wind and for a second, i thought its birds flying across the street in an orderly manner. On the overall composition, Carolyn used the road as a leading line for this image to lead our focus to the church at the far end which is technically correct, but the cars weakens that effect, however the flags aka “birds” saved this shot and made it special. Nice one Carolyn!


9) From Alice Chia – We don’t really see windows like these anymore. Shot at a heritage-conversation area in Singapore, these colonial style folding windows are getting rarer by the day. Alice dedicated the full focus on these windows that allows viewers to have a clearer & detailed look at these soon-to-be-gone fixtures. Nice one Alice!


10) From Pang Teng Lin – Another colonial-style building that has been transformed into a museum. Teng Lin made use of the shadow-cast from the sun light penetrating through the tree leaves to create this very nostalgic feel of yesteryears. Very clever and creative. And I also like how the building is framed where the top right of the image shows the curve of the roof lines oh my I love this shot! If Teng Lin is going to print this for me, I will hang it up in my office!


anigif final


11) From Joleen Tan – And before I move to other modern buildings, Joleen sent this image of an old house with a wind mill that got me interested. It is amazing how architectures can be designed and build to “defy” physics and to harvest physics – go figure. I like the chill & relax feeling when looking at this image – where things are much simpler and people are happier. Totally enjoyed viewing this shot!
Joleen Tan.jpg


12) From Magdalene Teo-Yong – Enters the skyline of Singapore’s business district! Many photographers likes to capture images of building with a touch of water feature (rivers, sea, lake etc) I like this image as Mag had composed this shot with many interesting lines, some visible on first sight and some are hidden and you can only see it if you stare at it long enough. This is one shot that packs many surprises within an image and this has to be one of my favorite from this round of submission. Thanks for sharing this clever shot Mag!

13)  From Carolyn Chee – Buildings by the water banks with a mountain in the background complete with low clouds and random tints of blue sky. This is such a quiet and peaceful image that really lifts up one’s spirit! I like the overall feel of this shot although it doesn’t emphasize strongly on the architecture theme. This image will better fit into “travel” or “Scenery” theme. But I allowed this image to pass through this round as the buildings in this image are unique and boast different styles, all within the same side of a water bank.
Still, I like this image very much! carolyn.jpg


14) From Alice Chia – Very interesting framing here with contrasting brightly colored bridge against a monotonous shrine. The only pity is the water is green and not blue – just a wishful thinking. I like the feel and overall delivery of this image, not for anything else and those of you who knows me well, I can pick tons of faults with images but at the same time, I am able to see & feel things that are also present in the images. I like the feel of this image.

15) From Carolyn Chee – Here’s another good example of “buildings by the banks”. Simple framing, but combined with a nice blue sky, calm waters and a white tower against a dark colored building in the background, somehow, this image simply got everything right. Nice shot Carolyn!



anigif final

16) From Pang Teng Lin – Almost every photographer in Singapore had shot this and done this shot. But I like this version done by Teng Lin, not much crowd at the usually crowded MRT exit, added a litle slow shutter and a good control of the exposure where one gets to view the structure of the unique canopy of this building along with the people that makes this shot interesting. The overdrapping trees on the top left also reminded us nature is not that far way from modernization. Good shot Teng Lin!

17) From Janet Toh – Nice slant, nice design, nice blue sky, its one of those architecture image that catches your attention easily. For me, I will likely frame it differently going in for a tighter crop of a section or something but this shot is simple, neat and screaming for attention. I like this shot as it is, thanks Janet for sharing this!Janet Toh.JPG


18) From Trisha Lim – This looks like a super long outdoor staircase. While many photographers prefers shooting the front facade of a building, this image by Trisha looks like the staircase is an emergency exit at the back of a building. Stretched across the full length of the building, it “cuts” across the image nicely and certainly impactful on view.
Nice one! Trisha2.JPG


19) From Pang Teng Lin – In our multi-racial, multi-religion nation, religious buildings are common. Like this temple in Chinatown, it had been shot to death from both local and tourist photographers. But I like this shot because Teng Ling got all the technical-stuff right, plus at a moment where there are persons entering the temple and with no vehicles in sight. Further to that, it had been rendered into monochrome so on overall. this has created a clean and neat image that will ensure viewers’ appreciation. I love this shot very much!

Well, we have come to the end of this round’s Pink Submission. I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I do. Architectures are defined in many ways as seen from this submissions and I will encourage all of you to pick up some tips from these ladies and how they visualize buildings – both exterior and interior. Keep up the excellent job @ PINK Photographers SG ! Look out for the next theme!
– Editor AL



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