How To Spot A Fake Model

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How To Spot A Fake Model (or Wannabe)
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23rd March 2017, Singapore – By facts, Modelling is a really tough career – if you know what goes on behind the glamorous screen of popularity, stardom, throngs of followers and the super lucrative income that comes with all that perks. However, there are many out there who are oblivious to how much work, preparation, training, PR, sacrifices the successful models had went through just to take a stroll on the fashion runway. And with social media today, many model-wannabes or fake models start to surface.

Today, I am not going to share about the well-respected models that had worked hard to where they are today, instead, I am going to share about the fake models that are “cheapening” the modelling trade as a whole. Before I proceed, I would like to stress that, new, upcoming & budding models are “trainee models” who are learning the ropes the correct way and importantly, they are well respected for choosing a tough career.
So how do we spot the fake models?

Based on my personal experience, I’ve compiled a list of how to spot a Fake Model so that Photographers and Models can spot a Fake from 5 Km away. I would like to legally disclaim that this article is purely a share of my personal experience as a professional photographer for the last 10 years and any description – direct or indirect – or incident, or behavior similar to any person alive or dead, with or without boobs, are purely coincidental and not intentional. So if you are cool with the above, read on.

How to Spot a Fake Model?

1) Physical Aspects
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– Height – It is not difficult to see the difference between a tall person apart from a short person. Locally, most of the models you saw sashaying on the runway are mostly 1.7m tall or taller. Fashion Brands always stress on how their new line of clothes are presented and the height of the models helps to elaborate the fashion sense carried out on the design and accentuates it on stage. Short models makes every fashion piece longer and sluggish.
Important Note: You will never spot the odd 1.56m tall model on the runway unless it’s a fashion show for Kids Wear.

– Face & Figure – On the other end, there are beautiful models who did not quite make the height, but instead, they are “Body models” which we usually see a part of their body (usually face) being used specifically for certain shoots. (I use such models pretty often) The pretty face model are usually engaged for cosmetics or facial care brands or those with flawless hands, arms, thighs, bums, boobs etc are widely engaged for commercials for hand cream, slimming, personal care brands etc.
Important Note: If someone claimed to be a model, always check the face first, followed by the body.  If none of the above assets are present, run away as quickly as you can. It’s a scam.

– Age – Most modelling agencies look for younger ladies for a good reason. Age does show on the face and body while agencies are mostly looking for models that can span a good 5 to 8 years modelling career. This is not official but from what I was told, usually the girls aged from 18-26 years old are most ideal. Girls in this age bracket looks fresh, probably with a nice figure & body lines and are suitable for a wide variety of shoot and brand representations, good for the model as well as the agency.
Important Note: So if you spot a “model” with that lup sup KTV (a Hokkien pun) look in her 30s, either she is a Ladyboy (a Thai pun), or she is the infamous Beer Auntie from a particular coffeeshop in Yishun (local pun).    




2) Social Skills
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– Language Fluency –
In today’s internet-connected modelling world, there is no place for models who cannot or not able to hold an expressive conversation in fluent English. I am sure Brands & companies do not wish to have a Bimbo to represent their brand advertising campaigns, especially when branding and brand association is the key to a successful campaign.
Important Note: If a model cannot even type proper English on her social media updates, especially if her English is painful to read, do not expect the person to be able to converse properly in person too. 

-Social Media Behavior –
A respectable model will put on her best behavior online so that potential clients or agencies can look out for the socially graceful ones to engage.Whether its brand owners, agencies or photographers, they are looking for someone classy & elegant to use for shoot & campaigns. So the “social face” is very important in today’s context and it plays an important part for decision-making to which model to engage.
Important Note: If a model goes around online and type Hokkien slangs like “Bo Jio”, “KNN” etc, well, you don’t really see real models going around doing such things. And do look out for the fake model who will always post status like “I have no money to eat”, “Who is free to meet me now”, or post a shit load of painful English soliciting for people to engage her for shoot. 

3) Background
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-Personal Problems – Personal problems are meant to be personal. But some fake models tries to use this to their advantage by tugging heartstrings of others, hoping someone will take pity and fall for her trap. Will you engage a model who – half the time post nonsense using her painful English and asking (almost begging) for people to feed her, to meet her or to engage her? Self-respecting models are what everyone in the industry loves, not such fakes. And worse, if the fake model is always on the negative side of topics in hot discussions on forums, or has tons of nude images circulating on forums and websites, something is really wrong with this person. Stay away from such fake models or risk your reputation to be associated with such fake models.
Important Note: With the internet today, one can easily find out information about a person. Things like if the model owes loansharks $15,000.00,  if she is divorced & dumped her kids, if she got thrown out by landlords for not paying rent, or got fired job after jobs. Rule of thumb for budding models is to keep your personal blah blah blah away from the watchful eyes of the internet mob. 
Meme courtesy of AL Memes Singapore
– Portfolio – A model’s portfolio is like a menu card in a restaurant. The portfolio examples are supposed to be curated and the images carefully selected to best present the model in various examples so that clients can decide if she fits into their brand directions or designs. However fake models will use skin as a selling point, especially when she has lots of it (pun intended). Clients will not be impressed with a portfolio that is 95% images of implied nudes and worse, coming from a short & plump “model”. And worse, the photographers that had shot the portfolio (probably) are mostly amateurs with serious lighting and composition flaws. Such images kills the model instantly.
Important Note: I believed there is no need for me to share how to identify a proper portfolio of a model. However, if a so-call model can only present badly shot images with her cladding in nothing more than a panties, well, you know this model is NOT really capable of greater things. Stay away. 


– Track Records – 
As an additional point to the above, track records & other related achievements are equally important for a model as it helps in the credibility and a show of her potential as well as how active or popular she really is. A real budding model will actively participate in mainstream pageants, works with famous photographers, do lots of PR etc.
Important Note: If a so-call model does nothing more than ranting on her FB everyday about no money, who is free to accompany her, who can laon her money etc etc well – that is her Track Record. It’s like visiting a Doctor without a Medical Phd, ok you get the drift. 

Conclusion: While modelling is indeed a dream job for many, it is a profession that needs proper training, good mentorship, good PR skills and many more things like support from real photographers, clients and fellow models to get far. Sadly, many are trying their luck to take the short cut to success (if they ever make it) by stripping down to their panties or sometimes nothing at all, and hoping people will pay her to shoot her. Do your research and you will know how much reputable models charged especially for nude shoots. If you can have a fake model going around charging $180-$250 and willing to strip down to nothing, this is questionably dangerous isn’t it?

Here’s a summary in point form in helping you to identify a Fake Model.
– Below 1.7m height.(Usually at 1.56m.)
Common face & no Wow Factor. (Sometimes face looks like a truck had ran over).
Flabby but like to do Nudes shoots. (Probably that is the only thing she is good for)
Hard-selling herself and making herself available to everyone who can pay.
Tries to take a loan from you, or sell you supplements.
Post on her social media to hard-sell herself.
Uses painful-to-read English that is not easy to understand.
– Post live videos of her mumbling to herself.
– Bitch & complain about other models all the time.
– Her nudes photos are all-over men-only websites & forums.
– Her family & financial problems are discussed all over the internet.

So if you encounter such a fake model, my advice is – Run.

Good Luck Guys!




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