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Freshly Shot, Freshly Pressed

15th April 2017, Singapore – Have you ever wonder why tons of socks out there in the market are mainly in dark, monotonous colors? Maybe you will be thinking that since most part of the socks will be conceived in between your shoes and pants so why emphasize on something that people can’t really see when you are wearing it, right?

Whatever the reasons are, we are all out for comfortable fitting socks but Freshly Pressed Socks takes this to the next level by incorporating designs that brings out characters into their range of theme-inspired socks. It is not really about letting people around you to see what socks you are wearing, rather it is something between you and the pair of themed socks, just like a secret relationship that only you will understand.

Beyond the design, nearly all Freshly Pressed Socks are crafted with 65% cotton, 33% polyester & 3% of spandex, this combination ratio also adds to the lasting integrity of the socks which will survive countless washing machine cycles & the user’s comfort to the feet. This is why I fell in love with Freshly Press Socks.

My Freshly Pressed Socks are so attractive that I decided to bring them out for a shoot. A quick browse on the net reveals many nice images had been shot towards the fashion genre so I decided to go with the magazine-style-plain-old-product-shoot and have all my Freshly Pressed Socks all documented in my own way.

Image: “Barton” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
“Barton” may sound foreign to you, but for Marvel Comics fans, you will remember Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Now look at the socks (above) again, okay now you get it.   


SAM_1612.JPGImage: “Peter” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
While there are many famous “Peter”, I was trying to guess which Peter inspired this design. Reading the socks packaging tag which speaks of fictional adventures, it has to be Peter Pan.



Image: “Tony” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
There’s a Tony that we all adore so much on the big screen. He makes many grand entrances and has lots of fans. Does Stark Industries ring a bell to you?



Image: “Mojo” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
According to the product description, the Mojo was inspired by the 70s culture revolution where bright colors, pop music, bell bottom pants, slick hair & partying comes together. I love this Mojo as it also signifies the era which I was born into. (And I love this color!)  


Image: “Taro” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Taro is Yam in Japanese, Freshly Pressed Socks dedicated this Jap-style waves design to the Jap executives who are modern day warriors fighting on the corporate ladder. Good one FPS!   





Image: “Lee” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
While there are many famous people with this surname (including me!), the bright yellow with black stripes only points to a certain martial art legend – Bruce Lee.  🙂  



SAM_1627.JPGImage: “Steve” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
This is easy. The Red, the blue and little white star already screams Caption America! But please remember when he is not Captain America, he is Steve.    





Image: “Bruce” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Before your mind goes Barney, this design is called Bruce. Who else turns Green and wears an undersized Purple Bermudas while chasing the bad guys? The Hulk of course! 


Image: “Escher” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
According to FPS, Escher is an artist who uses Maths as his inspirations for his art, although I can’t make out the design to be from which maths formula, I like the repetitive and contrasting design which oozes elegance and class.   



Image: “Robin” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Probably the black in this design is the only hint that how Robin is linked to the man in black from Gotham city. This is Robin, Batman’s trusted aid and partner.


Image: “Prince” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Dedicated to the late Prince who left us quite recently. This design seems to be inspired from one of Prince’s hit song – Purple Rain.    



Image: “Carl” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
There are two “Carl” that are associated with Hot Air Balloon. The first Carl that I know is Carl Edgar Myers – inventor of Hot Air Balloons and the other is Carl Fredricksen from the Disney animation movie UP. I leave the rest to your imagination.




Image: “Ringo” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Freshly Pressed Socks stated that this design was inspired by a Circus Canopy and the designs uses familiar colors that we always see at a circus. Nope, the name has nothing to do with the Uncle Ringo Fun Fair that we know in Singapore.  


Image: “Pablo” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
This is FPS’s tribute to Cubism Avant-garde art movement in the early 20th century that swayed & changed European’s style of art (paintings, sculptures) which created a chain effect that also influenced music, literature and even architectures. We suspect the Pablo here is Pablo Picasso.  



Image: “Austin” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Freshly Pressed Socks stated that this design is a homage to the capital of Texas, Austin. And Austin is home to SXSW, a festival & world conference where movie makers, musicians, artists of various disciplines comes together – in Austin.



Image: “Wayne” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
No. Not Wayne’s World, but Bruce Wayne, the real identity of Batman when he is not out there catching the bad guys. Every super hero needs an everyday identity right?  



Image: “Thor” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Yes, for that man with a huge hammer and an attitude. This design uses all the colors that we use to put our point across to others. Just like how Thor uses his hammer.



Image: “Guile” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
Most of us will immediately remember that Street Fighter character Guile, the square top
blonde army guy who delivers a powerful sonic punch.

Image: “Duke” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
GI-Joe fans will remember Duke aka First Sergeant Conrad S Hauser. Although fictional and a cartoon character, Duke is everything about what a leader should be and reading the FPS packaging tag, I guess this is the Duke that FPS is referring to.  



Image: “Rusell” by Freshly Pressed Socks.
When I was reading the tag from the package, this sock was inspired by Esplanade. But Russell? A quick search on the net reveals about the Esplanade Concert hall was designed by the late Acoustician Russell Johnson. Wow!  



Image: “Alex” (left) & “Anakin” (right) by Freshly Pressed Socks.
These pairs were given to me as a Birthday Gift 2 years ago and this was what sparked off my curiosity and interest in themed socks. From then on, these are my favorite socks, and these pairs have outlives many other socks that was more expensive (and some branded) in my wardrobe which I am certainly convinced Freshly Pressed Socks was made to last.

The FPS socks are comfortable, great design and there will always be a pair for any occasion. For those of you who doesn’t know, I had threw away all my other socks and only Freshly Pressed Socks gets to stay in my wardrobe.

Get yours here.

*All Images in this article are shot by an “almost-dying-samsung-nx-mirrorless-camera”.






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