Ourshutterjourney Events Resumes


Ourshutterjourney Events Resumes
– Posted by Lee Shi Qing

29th July 2020, SingaporeOurshutterjourney is pleased to announce today that we will be resuming our events from August 2020. In view of the current Covid-19 pandemic, our events had evolved into a different format as below.

1) All Events Requires Pre-Registration. (via Whatapps)
2) Event will be held concurrently at various locations.
3) Each location will be assigned a Trainer/Outing Leader.
4) Each location will be limited to 05 pax (including Trainer)
4) All Events will be limited to Card Members ONLY. (for now)
5) All Registered Attendees will be given the Location & Name of Trainer.
6) All Registrations will be on First-Come, First-Served Basis.
7) Declaration of Health & Mask to be worn at all times.

Register for our August 2020 Event now!
Event Link here.

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