Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN (C)


Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN (C)
Text by Editor AL

Image: Editor AL with the new Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN (C) paired to a Sony a7R posing here with Masterpiece Megatron somewhere in Singapore.

06th September 2021, Singapore/ Cybertron Recently Sigma Singapore sent us the Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN (C) lens along with the 24mm & 35mm which we will be reviewing them separately. The 65mm F2 is part the new “i” series lenses from Sigma that are super compact, built like a tank & promises performance. Following the success of the 45mm F2.8 (C) which we reviewed last year, Sigma releases the 65mm F2 (C), 24mm F3.5 (C) & the ever popular 35mm F2 (C) as part of the “i” series lenses from Sigma.

Although designated as a C (Contemporary line) lens, the 65mm (and the other 3 too) feels like a wrongly badged lenses as they produces great images, fast apertures and built super solid. This review unit is a Sony mount, let’s start from the size – measuring at 72mm × 76.7mm (L Mount is slightly shorter), this is a tiny lens given that the focal length is 65mm and a mid-telephoto.  At the front, the 65mm take 62mm circular filters and comes with a dedicated metal lens hood. (Sigma LH-656-01)

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The aperture ring reminds us of an era from another dimension. I like how the aperture ring clicks when I want to adjust it manually but most of the time, I left it in “A” as I personally like to adjust my aperture using dials.  The whole lens barrel are made from Sigma’s TSC compound along with aluminum making the lens very weighty but still pretty light at 405gm.


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Inside the lens, the optics are arranged in 12 elements in 9 group with a 9 blade (rounded) aperture. The 65mm starts focusing from as close as 55cm and has a magnification ratio of 1:6.8 which is very decent. The aperture opens from F2 to F22 and the sweet spot for this lens has to be around F2.4-F2.8 as that was when I got the best bokeh and the focused subject is the sharpest. I am not sure if this is limited to this Sony mount example or it applies to the L mount example too – this I am not too sure.


And so I took the 65mm out to Evolution Garden at Botanic Gardens and doing a dual review as I am also reviewing a toy at the same time. Let’s check out the images!


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At 65mm, it’s a “weird” focal length since most will likely go for 50mm or 85mm for full frame users however, when I was on the review, I discovered that 65mm with a close focusing distance was actually very useful and in fact purposeful.

I super like how the colors turned out when I paired it with my Sony a7R. And the 65mm focuses really fast and super quiet. At some point during my walk, I came to a part of the garden which was eerily quiet. Still, I can’t hear the lens focusing, well I am impressed.



And to add, the 65mm focuses very accurately and very fast. I will give it “less than half a second” and the focus landed accurately every single time. As my expectations of Sigma lenses had increased over the years (since I started reviewing Sigma back in 2008), I felt that Sigma had upped the ante a lot over the years too. In simple words, Sigma has kept up with the demands of photographers throughout all these years.

Image: Uncle Koh (OldKingKoh) taking a shot of Serene from Serene|Digital|Crafts who was also present at the Evolution Garden when I was doing the review.


I am not exactly a portrait person when I am not shooting commercially although I provide portrait services for various genres, you can say that I prefers to separate my work with leisure. The 65mm in my view – is more than just a simple mid-telephoto lens, it is also a superb street photography lens, a good walkabout lens if you are someone who likes to take a closer view to small subjects, while wanting a better range to shoot faraway subjects (and crop later).



OK, let me reveal a shot of the toy that I was reviewing. It’s a Masterpiece Megatron from G-Mierch.


In summary, the Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN (C) lens gave me more than I expected. In fact, I hope Sigma will start a new line for the “i” lenses as it definitely feels much better quality than the earlier “C” (Contemporary line) lenses and it is very close to the “A” (Art line). Quiet and super fast focusing, light weight and solidly built, I almost forget I was using a Sigma, it’s an experience that you have to experience it yourself to understand how I came to this conclusion. The 65mm is inexpensive and definitely a great lens to use with my Sony system!

OK here’s a part shot from Serene|Digital|Crafts. Do check out my sweat! Hahahaha!

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