Featured Photographer – Noel Ong (Ryuza)

Noel Ong (Ryuza)

We came to know Noel not too long ago from a photography event organized by another group. (He has since left the group to join SJS) He came across to everyone of us as a very humble person who is constantly learning and sharing with others what he knows. I can easily bet that no one does more reading up on photography than Noel as he is known to be one that surf the net all the time (when he is not working & shooting of course) for anything related to photography. He picks up tips, ideas and fundamentals and freely shares them with everyone he knows! Before you label him as a “photography Google”, no, he is more comfortable with his other nick, Ryuza. And he gave nicknames to his gears like “Reina” (his Canon EOS 50D) & “Setsuna” for his Speedlite flash. I hope he doesn’t nickname his lenses as “Ribena” though. :)~

 Browsing through his albums, we saw a budding photographer who had improved tremendously over the months the way he sees things, the way he composed his photos and using the stuff that he had picked up from the internet. Our favorite – Noel’s food photos. He is extremely good at food photos. I will not describe Noel as “experimental” because simply he has progressed far beyond this term. Rather, I will describe Noel as “Daring”. For this guy dares to try anything, as long as it gets him nice keepers.

As usual, we went through his albums and picked a few of his works to be featured here. (again, without his permission of course!). 

Ways to Contact Noel;
Email: ryuza307@yahoo.com.sg
Web: http://the-hungry-photographer.blogspot.com/  
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ryuza 
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