Featured Photographer – Sheladina Joseph

Sheladina Joseph
Coincidentally, today is Shela’s Birthday too.


Sheladina – better known as “Shela” to us and the rest of the photography community, is one fun lady to be shooting with. Laughter follows Shela wherever she goes and people around are happy to have her around, everytime. Shela is a great living testimonial to the term “carefree photography”, for she shoot what she thinks is nice while the world keeps spinning – and that is what she believes in and what we admire her for. She adopted the “beginner’s attitude” since she joined our group for shoots and looking through her albums, she is no beginner by any standards. Well travelled and well exposed, Shela is well-versed in the various genres of photography. Her works are interesting, meaningful and some times a little soulful. We went through her albums and selected a few of her works to be featured here. (Again, without her permission of course!) Enjoy!

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