Photography Workshops – By Professional Photographers

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Photography Workshops – By Professional Photographers

27th October 2015, Singapore – There are simply far too many photography schools and schools wannabes in Singapore. To create more confusion for the market, there are also many free-lance instructors and “instructors” – I am referring to those who knows a little knowledge and try to pass off as experienced instructors with no track records, no title, no certification, no accreditation, no awards and trying to teach. Don’t get me wrong, with all due respect to my fellow instructors and schools, there are also as many credible and established schools & able instructors out there – if you know how to find them.

Today, we are featuring 3 professional photographers who will soon launch their series of photography courses, talks and workshops in a couple of months and each of them has braved the challenges – and still braving the life of being a photographer who uses their equipment to pay their bills. I personally know Lisa Lum among the trio as she was responsible for my corporate portraits in 2008. Let’s take a deeper understanding of what they does, their strength and little glimpse into their life.



Lisa is not new to many of us. Well known for her studio work majoring in portraits, Lisa does a variety of genres too. Always seen at events photo-booth or covering events, Lisa also does a lot of charity work by rendering photography support to these religious and charity organizations. I will describe her as a down-to-earth person who is always positive and ready to lend a hand. With her vast experiences in photography, I am sure she has a lot to offer and share to every photographer!

winnig photo
Photo by Lisa Lum


So I went on to ask Lisa to describe herself and she sent me the below;

“I AM a never-say-die entrepreneur who started my photography biz in 2005.
I AM a crazy photographer who loves to take selfie.
I AM a trial and error mother of 2 who is learning to be a perfect mum
I AM a silly wife who is always looking for her misplaced hand phone
I AM a loud daughter who has loud parents too
I AM a 10 years VEGETARIAN and still counting and am at peace with every living being”

I almost fell off my chair when she sent me the above, then again, this is true, this is the real her, this is Lisa.

Some of Lisa’s achievements
2014 – Merit award winner for National Day photo competition 2014.
2013 – “Special Mention Award” for the video “I will be there for you Singapore” for NDP.
2012 – Successful Entreprenuer 2012/2013
2012 – Merit award winner of National Day photo competition 2012
2011 – Mica Grant winner of TNP Videography competition titled ”You are my inspiration”
2009 – Grand Award-winning photographer of NDP 2009 photography competition ”Come together”
2008 – Founder of The Colourful Faces Studio

“Through my lens,I wish to capture moments in life for many to remember in years to come” – Lisa Lum


Sam, a commercial photographer who has many years of advertising photography experience and a long list of big names as his clients is well known among the marketing professionals in Singapore. He is responsible for many advertising copies that you and me sees everyday, everywhere. Started his own studio – Boomerang Visual Production- in 2001, Sam has come a long way.

He started in 1987 as an assistant at Effect Studio to which he later join the, then largest advertising photography studio in Singapore aka “The Shooting Gallery”. In 1998, he join Phenomenon Digital Art to set up the studio department for the company.

Sam’s company, Boomerang produces unique and interactive concepts with mostly creative directors, to create excitement & experimental visual that communicates the advertising message to the audience. According to Sam, the company is always committed to create new forms of media & to accomplish the impossible while working with their clients closely to capture the vision of their campaign messages.

WOW Watch Spread_Spread Final-2
Image: Ad copy with photo shot by Sam Tan.


In a competitive environment with tough competitions, Sam has proven his ability to stay versatile and flexible to stay in business. He manages details down to every single segment especially in lighting management, capturing camera angles and the final mood of the images, all of which earned Sam many fine accolades. That of course landed him in numerous international awards that many peers aspire to achieve, such as Cannes, D&AD, One Show, CA, Clio, AdFest.

Here’s some of Sam’s clients:
Volkswagen, Mitsubushi Motors, Toyota, Singapore Tourism Board, Overseas Chinese Banking Corp, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, United Airlines, VISA, Mastercard, Standard Chartered Bank, Citigroup, M1, Capital Land, United Overseas Bank, F&N, National Environment Agency, AXN, Motorola, Prudential Insurance Company, Eds, Twester, Vietnam Dairy Products, Heineken

Saw many familiar and even household brands? So you do know Sam after all



Ray started his career providing entertainment services in clubs and during corporate events as a DJ and an Emcee. Ray usually look on while others enjoyed their moment, and Ray will always be the guy who fronted the crowd or working behind the lime light to provide joy and laughter, or even lend a listening ear and best of all, being the anchor of their lonely nights while he served as a DJ in Singapore’s renowned station 95.8FM.

A second calling came and evokes Ray’s passion that spurred him to take on a vastly different but bigger role in life – he moved on to the film industry, which proves to be even more exciting and challenging for Ray. The next 2 decades saw Ray took on varying roles from being an assistant producer, editor, sound engineer, producer plus everything in-between to what he is today – a film director.

Ray’s work requirements brought him across the world to exotic destinations like India, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia and China to produce award-winning TV commercials , TV Programs and Corporate videos for his long list of international clients.

my resume tv awards
Image: Asian TV Awards 2002 – with Ray Neo as one of the recipients.

It takes lots of courage to change line and it takes bigger courage to be really good at it – Ray had done it and I am sure many of you (especially videographers and budding film makers) will get to benefit and learn from one of the best in the industry.

We asked Ray about his success formula and this is what he shared;

“You have to love what you are doing. More to that, what I love most about my job as a film director is the ability to master the domain knowledge and improve me interpersonal skills of understanding people’s needs and wants. This is crucial for making successful commercials and corporate videos. Importantly, the interaction with every level of the production line will be strengthened and this greatly helped me in character-building too. I’m enjoying every moment of it!” – Ray Neo
Interesting trio here, we will be back with more information about the courses/ workshops/ talks that will be conducted by the trio.

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