Pink Submission #11 “Finding Beauty in the Haze” Editor’s Picks

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Pink Submission #11 “Finding Beauty in the Haze” Editor’s Picks
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02nd Nov 2015, SingaporePINK Photographers Singapore (PPSG) took the monthly photo submissions a step further this round and use the annual haze pollution from a neighbouring country as a part of the theme for this submission. For those new to Singapore, every year, we have a 3rd season apart from the “Sunny Summer” and our “Rainy Monsoon” seasons – the Haze season. Deforestations from burning down the harvested crops nearby Singapore had caused serious haze pollution problems as well as health problems. Visibility is bad, air is thick with pollutants and many fell sick so basically it affected almost everybody.


So this theme was not exactly easy for the submission since the haze levels inconsistently and we are at the mercy of the wind directions. And to get nice images with this theme was yet another difficult challenge for many. A total of 97 entries were received and we have picked the below images that best represent this theme. Before we get to the selected entries, let’s hear what the sponsor Serial i-Tech & the Editor AL have to say about the entries.

“Instead of hibernating during the annual haze season, we have received interesting entries from the PINK Photographers and also best represent the theme for this round. Good job Ladies!
 AL, Editor.

“We thought the theme will be a tough one, in the end, selecting the entries had proven to be more difficult as the haze situation are nicely documented , a true representative of the haze pollution that we are all facing. Well Done Pink Photographers!”
– Gary Ho, Seria l-Tech (Far East) Pte Ltd.


Enjoy the Editor’s Picks (Selected entries)!
(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance not in any order)

1) Even Toys can’t take it – Image by Alice Chia.
Here’s an interesting image of a toy figurine trying to cover her nose in the haze.
This is very creative and relevant, we love it!
alice chia

2) Adding more to the haze – Image by Anny Tan.
Yes, it’s really bad at one point of time, but religion is religion. From what we understand, the smoke emitted from the joss sticks is not as bad as what our neighbor gave us.
anny tan

3) Who Cares – Image by Soh Chui Lian
Yes the haze was bad. But life goes on, here’s an image of a couple relaxing by the beach.
While the haze hurt the economy a bit, people continue with their lives.
Chui Lian


4) Hazy Sun Set – Image by Doris Ang
Sun rise and sun set during the hazy season can be dramatic and pretty. It’s like adding a “diffuser” onto the sun. Although blurry, the hues that the haze created is worth mentioning.  
doris ang

5) Haze in Singapore – Image by Fione
Yes, it’s bad. Usually we can see Pulau Ubin from this view and at the time when this image was shot, the island was completely blanketed in a thick haze to the point it is beyond our sight.

6) Mask Up Stormtroopers – Image by Fione
Another creative approach by Fione, here we have 2 cosplayers in full Stormtrooper outfit and yet their helmet is not able to fully filter out the haze and one of them have to wear an additional mask while helping another trooper to cover his nose. Cute max!

7) Garden by the Haze – Image by Iris Eu
Even the tourists attractions are covered in thick haze. In this submission by Iris Eu, this is an image of Gardens by the Bay with the cityscape in the background but the haze was so bad that this looks more like a burnt forest – I call it Garden by the Haze.
iris eu


8) Smoke City – Image by Josephine Tang
Just how bad was the haze, this year we broke the 2012 record and at its peak, we saw PSI 421 while the culprit-country asked us to complain lesser. Then again, their people are suffering from PSI 2000, so we started complaining about Reserved Seats on MRT.
josephine tang

9) Still Beautiful in the Haze – Image by Magdalene Teo-Yong
Making use of the haze, Magdalene used it to her advantage and created a really misty morning shot of a park in Singapore. And the haze probably put off people from leaving their house for morning walks so if you look carefully in this image – we only see ghost.
mag ty

10) Still Beautiful – Image by Nicole Teo
Regardless of PSI level, floral and faunas continue to bloom in glory. These are nature’s best statement that man-made disasters are no match for mother nature. Plants are also one of the best “air filter” provided by nature to mankind. So stop burning plantations!
nicole pineapple house

11) Misty Docks – Image by Long Si0w Leng
The haze added a very calm and yet mysterious feel to this image. Siow Leng’s clever use of the haze and a monochrome rendering gave this photo a deep storyline which is worth a mention here. Nice feel.
siow leng

12) Watering a Haze filter – Image by Sue Levens
If they keep burning, we keep planting. Although we won’t win, but at least we try.
People should start planting and stop burning.
sue levens

13) Braving the Haze – Image by Sue Levens
Well these guys have to work, haze or no haze. Just when more than half of Singapore is safely hidden in somewhere with AC, these guys goes around their work in the open air – with masks of course.
sue levens2

14) See what the haze had done – Image by Trisha Lim
A beautiful city – engulfed in thick haze – caused by an irresponsible neighbor, enough said!

And the Winners are!!!!

1st Place – Nicole Teo
nicole pineapple house
Floral & Faunas remained beautiful in all seasons – including the haze.
This image truly captures the theme of “Finding Beauty in the Haze”.
Congrats Nicole! You have WON a Tenba Camera Bag from Serial iTech (Tamron Singapore)! – Editor AL.

2nd Place – Soh Chui Lian
Chui Lian
This image captured the spirit of Singaporeans who are making the best out of every situation – even during haze season. Nothing stops in their tracks and life goes on.
A timely and nice capture, Good Job! Congrats Chui Lian! You have WON a  Velbon Lens Strap from Serial iTech (Tamron Singapore)! – Editor AL.

3rd Place – Long Siow Leng
siow leng
Living among the haze is already a challenge, finding the beauty in the haze is no simple task either. This image had captured the beautiful and also the ugly side of the haze pollution of Singapore. We love the moody feel and the uneasy calmness of this image. Good job Siow Leng! Congrats! You have WON a Velbon Mini Tripod from Serial iTech (Tamron Singapore)! – Editor AL.

All Winners Will Be Notified via FB Messenger on the Collection Details.
Congratulations Ladies!

Special Thanks to Seria l-Tech (Far East) Pte Ltd. for sponsoring the prizes!
For those that didn’t win, please try harder next time.
Thank you for your participation Ladies!

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OK, that’s me trying to survive the haze.

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