Ourshutterjourney & P&G Photographic Centre Renews Partnership


Ourshutterjourney & P&G Photographic Centre Renews Partnership
– Posted by Lee Shi Qing

07th January 2021, Singapore/ Malaysia –  We are pleased to announce that Ourshutterjourney & P&G Photographic Centre had renewed a partnership that had spanned 07 years serving thousands of Ourshutterjourney Card Members!

“We appointed P&G Photographic Centre as our Authorized Service Centre back in March 2014 to undertake the camera servicing, camera repair & sensor cleaning services for our card members. We selected P&G based on their excellent track records and over a few decades of experience for camera repairs, through the last 7 years partnering P&G, we had received zero complaints but lots of excellent feedback, thus we decided to continue this partnership for another 7 years! Thank You Andrew Phan, David Phan & Alan Phan for rendering such an excellent service to our members”
– AL Lee (Founder Ourshutterjourney.com)


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Since the partnership started in 2014, P&G Photographic Centre had since became the Go-to place for anything photography. Apart from the servicing, repairs & cleaning, P&G provides restoration services, trade-in & resale, modification services, retail photography accessories and best of all, P&G provided something that other repair centres does not offer – Friendship.

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Many of our members love to hang out at P&G Photographic Centre today or even doubles as a meeting point before they go for their shoots. Both P&G Photographic Centre branches are located within 10 steps to a food establishment, that also created lots of convenience for members who are waiting for their equipment to be serviced or for those grabbing a quick meal/ snack before collecting their gear.

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Let’s hear what our members say about P&G Photographic Centre!

“Uncle David (Adelphi Branch) provides excellent service and offers advice that money cannot buy. Recently found out that he was once a camera tech from Konica-Minolta days that sums up to at least 25 years of service/repair experience. I trust my cameras & lenses with him and no one else.”
– Emily Xu
, Senior SJS Member.

Image – Emily Xu, Senior SJS Member.


“I had visited P&G Photographic Centre countless times for the last few years to buy accessories, clean my camera sensors etc. I always enjoy every visit to P&G as they are more than just an Authorized Service Centre for Ourshutterjourney, they are more like friends helping us and although they are running a business, they offer one of the best rates in Singapore.”
Teh Peng Wee, Senior SJS Member

Image – Teh Peng Wee, Senior SJS Member 


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“I had been visiting P&G Photographic Centre for all my photography needs for the last few years. A very friendly place, doesn’t feel like a camera store, feels more like a living room with thousands of cameras. Good Job to David & Andrew for providing such a great place for us to service our cameras and buy photography stuff.
– Koh Lye Huat, Senior SJS Member/ Outing Trainer.

Image – Koh Lye Huat (OldKingKoh), Senior SJS Member/ Outing Trainer. 


“I came to know about P&G Photographic Centre & Uncle David through SJS/OSJ. They have different types of cameras such as brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and more. Very professional and courteous. This is the photography store that I  recommend whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in photography. Visit P&G to experience it yourself!”
– Serene Ong (Serene.Digital.Crafts), Senior SJS Member/ OSJ Administrator. 

Image – Serene Ong (Serene.Digital.Crafts), Senior SJS Member/ OSJ Administrator. 



Services Provided by P&G Photographic Centre
– Repair Service for Cameras & Lenses.
– Trading of Used Photography Equipment.
– Retail of New Photography Equipment.
– Free Checking and Assessment of Photography Equipment.
– Modifications for Cameras.
– Free Quotation for Equipment Repair & Service.
– Free Advice.
– Free Friendship & Smiles.
– Ourshutterjourney Membership Services* (Sign-Ups, Card Collection etc)
*Adelphi Branch Only



Ourshutterjourney Card Members Benefit!
Use Your Membership Card to Enjoy
– Discounts on Servicing & Cleaning
– Discounts on Accessories
– Priority Queue


P & G Photographic Centre is located at:
The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street,
#B1-04, The Adelphi,
Singapore 179803

Tel: (65)68370696
Fax: (65)68370697
Email : pgcameras@gmail.com

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Sat from 11.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.
We close on Sunday & public holidays only


Peninsula Shopping Centre
No. 3 Coleman Street,
#01-19, Peninsula Shopping Centre,
Singapore 179804

Tel: (65)63380833
Fax: (65)63382142
Email : andrew.pgcameras@gmail.com

OPERATING HOURS: Mon to Sat from 1.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
We close on Sunday & public holidays only.

Or visit https://pgcameras.co/

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