Featured Photographer – Cheong Kok Leong

Cheong Kok Leong

Kok Leong is somewhat an “accidental photographer”.  We came to know him by “accident” too. We were doing a commercial project for a Dance Performance and Kok Leong happened to be one of the guests. We spoke briefly at the event and invited him to join our group (SJS).

Kok Leong came across to us as a friendly chap who is full of humour. With him, he brought lots of laughter to the group whenever he attend group outing with us. A Pentax FAN, Kok Leong is the also the FIRST Pentax user who join the group among the hordes of Canons & Nikons. (Other FIRSTs are Ryan Thihan-First Sony user, Connie-First Olympus, BlackBirdFly-Royston Ang) Going through his albums, you will know that Kok Leong is an expert on portraiture works. We have selected a few of his works to be featured here (without his permission of course!) for your enjoyment. Cheers!

Ways to Contact Kok Leong;
Email: cheong_kl@hotmail.com:

Web: Nil 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CheongKokLeong

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