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Just recently I bought and reviewed some Canon Lens Mugs in a separate article. Photography related collectibles are getting popular again as more and more collectibles in various forms are being innovated and made available to the growing photography community. In the past, we are talking about items like paper weight, pens, notepads, etc with the brand of the manufacturer. Today, these collectibles had evolved into many other useful forms apart from those Canon Lens-look-a-like thermal mugs.

Let me share some of these collectibles which I have added to my collection recently. (Apart from the 3 Canon 70-200mm mugs of course!)

The Mini SLR Keychain-

I received this Keychain as a birthday gift from Photographer Royston Ang 3 months ago. This is a very interesting keychain. Not only it looks like a real mini camera that actually works, when the shutter button is pressed, the flash actually fires! And with shutter sound too! This is super cute!

Manufactured with a Rubberized external, this keychain is nice to touch and hold. Do get one of these and trick your friends. It is really fun!

Available at: Unknown

The Miniature Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Display set-

Got this off some online photography store. This made-to-scale miniature comes in a very nice box and cased inside an acrylic display jewel box. Looking at the fine details of this miniature, I would give it a rating of 9/10.

This miniature DSLR also feature a Removable Lens, which the whole lens can be dismounted from the body. And to make the deal sweeter, the lens cap of this miniature lens can be removed too! Whoa!! And of course, it’s a Canon!

Available at: Johny Camera Accessories.

The Sony A900 Thumbdrive-

I too, got this from an online store. This is rare, or so I say, SUPER RARE. In this era of Canon+Nikon, manufacturers will rather make something for the 2 mentioned brands which guaranteed sales rather than to venture to other brands. Made to the like of Sony Alpha’s A900, the thumbdrive has simplified details.

The drive is integrated into the “lens” in the form of SAL 70-300mm F4-5.6 which the camera body serves as the cover. Details are good. Comes in 4gb or 8gb version. This is a Must Buy for all Sony fans & hardcore collectors!

Available at: MemoriesLink (

The Canon EOS 5D MarkII ThumbDrive-

Again, I bought this off an online store. Comes in a very nice box, this thumbdrive is very much sought after by photographers. The Canon EOS 5D MarkII is currently one of the hotest EOS model in the Canon DSLR lineup and anything relating to this model are hot!

This thumbdrive has unbelievable details and super close to the real unit! Opposite to the earlier Sony A900 thumbDrive, the drive is integrated into the body and the miniature lens now serves as a body. The miniature lens is modelled after the EOS 5D MarkII’s accompanying kit lens the EF 24-105mm F4L IS USM.

When plug into a laptop or when used, the mini LCD panel on the camera even lights up! Comes in 4gb version ONLY. Grab it before it is all gone!

Available at:

The Canon IXUS 200 IS Thumbdrive-

I received this as a gift from Canon. This IXUS 200IS thumbdrive looks really close to the real thing and the LCD display panel double up as a photo holder, very clever. Packed in a miniature box alike to the real box, this thumbdrive  is one great collectible to own.

A necklace “strap” is included in the box for the user to hang the drive on the neck too, good idea! The drive is slide type and integrated into the camera body itself, so when the drive is not in use, the drive plug can be conceived and hidden from view too!

Available at: Unknown

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