Guess Which Camera – Answers!


Guess Which Camera – Answers!
– Posted by Melody Tan

Image: Screen grab of Editor AL’s post on our Facebook Group. He posted the above collage image and asked for guesses from the community to guess which camera was used for each shot.


19th February 2019, Singapore – And so, our Editor AL Lee posted a collage of 04 flowers and asked everyone to guess which camera was used to capture each shot. He further added an example “For Example, A-Canon, B-Nikon, C-Olympus, D-Sony” so that everyone knows how the labeling goes.

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And expected, guesses started pouring in with many variations of answers and camera brands.



From the above, there was even a guess that all 4 images were shot with smart phones!

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(above) And there is the odd one who guessed all the 4 shots were taken by an Olympus camera.




Here are the 4 Original images in its original resolution, you may click on the individual image and view at 100%.

IMG_6555 AIMG_6558 BIMG_6556 CIMG_6557 D
So can you tell which flower image was shot by which camera? Are you ready for the answer??

The answer is………………………………………………..

Editor AL shot all 4 images with an Apple iPhoneX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a social experiment and an excellent example of perceived value and brand affiliation. Many of you got thrown offtrack when AL gave the “example” and many of you started to look the image details, the possibility of cameras used etc. While there’s a person who suspected it was shot with phone cameras, but not expecting that all 4 images came from the same phone!

This is also another great example of Skill vs Gear, so upgrade your skill before you upgrade your gear. 🙂 Have a Great Day everyone!

PS: AL had fooled all of you, so anything, please go after AL, I am just a Writer. lol!!!!!

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