SJS Lighting Painting Challenge Winning Team Announced


SJS Lighting Painting Challenge Winning Team Announced
Text by Li Shiqing

Image: SJS Light Painting Teams

26th September 2023, Singapore – For our monthly outing in September 2023, there were 2 events planned. One of the event was the Light Painting Challenge where the attendees were grouped into teams using a Randomizer App and which added an element of surprise and excitement to the event. Light painting involves using long-exposure photography to capture the movement of light sources, creating unique and visually stunning images.

So each team (05 per team) are to submit ONE image per person to the Team Lead and the Team Lead will share the 5 submitted images as a Team Entry.

Judging Criterion
– 25% Clarity
– 25% Composition
– 25% Creativity
– 25% Final Image
Total 100% per image
The highest scoring team wins.

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We are honored to have Mr. Hilarion Goh to be the judge for this challenge.
For those who are new to Mr. Hilarion Goh, he is a Professional Fashion Photographer who had done International Projects – from shooting for Fashion Magazines to covering Government events – and he had also been part of Ourshutterjourney’s Judging Panel for various competitions and curator for many of our exhibitions.

Image: Mr. Hilarion Goh

Let’s check out the Entries from Team A
20 Clarity / 20 Composition / 21 Creativity / 20 Final Image = Total 81 Points


Let’s check out the Entries from Team B
16 Clarity / 18 Composition / 19 Creativity / 19 Final Image = Total 72 Points


Let’s check out the Entries from Team C
17 Clarity / 16 Composition / 16 Creativity / 18 Final Image = Total 67 Points

Total Scores:
Team A = 81
Team B = 72
Team C = 67

With the above – CONGRATULATIONS to TEAM A!!!!!!!
All 05 Members of Team A will receive 01 x Free Sensor Cleaning (worth $40) from our Authorised Service Center P&G Photographic Centre!
Winning Team will be notified by Whatapps for their Prize Redemption
Thank you Everyone for participating!
Special Thanks to Mr. Hilarion Goh for Judging & P&G Photographic Centre for Sponsoring the Sensor-Cleaning Service.

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