Be A Grateful Photographer – Karma is Watching.


Many times in life, we have had people who made a difference in our lives. Where Photography is concerned,
there’s a special relationship among the circle which is pretty hard to duplicate elsewhere, the relationship
of constant mentoring, the guidance or a teacher to a entrant to the industry.  It is tough maintaining such
a relationship when the person you are mentoring will be your competitor one day. It’s what people
calls the “Love-Hate” relationship.

As an educator myself, I always believed in teaching everything I know to my students. Although I hope that each and every one of them will learn and be successful and to even be better than me one day, I am sure this is not what many photography instructors out there are thinking. They are afraid to be overtaken – by their own “product”. Contradictory?

And of course, as a student once myself, I respect every single person, Masters & fellow professionals that I had learned something from. This is akin to remembering where you came from, where you learned the trade and without these people, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

But sadly, there are too many suckers out there who will enter your life, learn from you, pick up skills from you and then leaves you, which is totally acceptable at this stage – but when these people started to bad mouth you and even slander you without factual facts, that is the last straw. These people ought to be dealt with, not by me, but Karma.

So be nice to your students & teachers alike. You never when Karma will decide to pay you a surprise visit.

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