Pink Submissions #08 “Togetherness” Editor’s Picks

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Pink Submissions #08 “Togetherness” Editor’s Picks

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07th June 2015, Singapore – This is the 8th Pink Submissions by Pink Photographers Singapore (PPSG). This submission is specially done & selected in conjunction with the “SG50 Togetherness Photo contest” that is concurrently running and a project that is organized and managed by Bedok Reservoir-Punggol SG50 Committee. In fact all the entries entered into this #08 Pink Submissions are eligible to submit the same photos to the SG50 contest.


Togetherness – means united, be it in a family, a cluster, a network or anything and it can be depicted in many ways, whether its bonding with family and friends, or having a good time with friends, multi-racial events, etc. So it is really up to your imagination and your interpretation! We have received a total of 152 entries this time of which, 41 were rejected due to relevance, but the remaining one are really good and we totally love the entries!

Before we go to the Editor’s Picks for this submissions, here’s some words from the Editor as well as the sponsor Cullmann & Red Label by Artist&Artisan Distributor for Singapore (Schmidt Marketing).


“We wanted to see what & how local photographers interpret – Togetherness –  and we were thrilled with what we saw.”
AL, Editor.

“Togetherness may not be the easiest theme, but it takes lots of creativity to properly translate it into a photo, good job with the submissions ladies!”
Kenny Khaw, Schmidt Marketing Photo (Singapore).

Enjoy the Editor’s Picks (Selected entries)!
(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance not in any order)


1) Togetherness – Joan Ng
“One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood.”
Joan Ng

2) Togetherness – Wee N Soh (Fione)
“Having fun together is the sweetest thing to do..”

3) Togetherness – Doris Ang
“Toast to SG 50”
Doris Ang 


4) Togetherness – Alice Chia
“Together as a Family”
Alice Chia 

5) Togetherness – Magdalene Teo-Yong
“Girls Huddle”
Mag TY

6) Togetherness – Magdalene Teo-Yong
“Wheeling Good Time”
Mag TY 


7) Togetherness – Magdalene Teo-Yong
“Nothing like National Day to bring the children together in color and spirit!”
Mag TY

8) Togetherness – Doris Ang
“Holding hands and bonding together” 
Doris Ang

9) Togetherness – Trisha Lim
“Let’s jump for joy together”


10) Togetherness – Joanna Ng
“Bunch of folks watching getai together”
Joanna Ng

11) Togetherness – Joanna Ng
“Park concert, watch together”
Joanna Ng 

And the Prize Winners for the #08 PINK SUBMISSION are!
– Proudly Sponsored by Cullmann Professional Tripods & Red Label by Artist&Artisan (Schmidt Marketing).

1st Place: Magdalene Teo-Yong
Photo: “Nothing like National Day to bring the children together in color and spirit!” 
Winner of Cullmann Magnesit Copter CB2.7 – Worth $34.90
Mag TY
Editor’s Note: We (judges and us) like this photo very much as the joy in the photo was felt through all of us during the selection and judging process. The theme Togetherness was brought alive with this photo with various races, all in the same red shirts and celebrating together as one nation and children being children, they are our next generation of pride and joy, this is Togetherness.

2nd Place: Wee N Soh (Fione)
Photo: “Having fun together is the sweetest thing to do..”
Winner of Artisan & Artist BPIN Purple – Worth $29.90
Editor’s Note:
The execution of this photo was easy but the message it carries means a lot. Doing things together is definitely a form of togetherness and importantly, it comes with unity and we were kinda creeped out when we realized every one in this photo was wearing a spectacles. We hoped these kids are not promoting Togetherness by playing smartphone games and tablets together too. (kidding k?) 

3rd Place: Doris Ang
Photo:“Holding hands and bonding together” 
Winner of Artisan & Artist BPIN Pink – Worth $29.90
Doris Ang
Editor’s Note: A heartwarming and touching photo of various hands holding on to each other together. This is probably one of the best way to interpret Togetherness. Our family comes to mind when we saw this photo and we totally love this photo!

Special Mention: Trisha Lim
Photo:“”Let’s jump for joy together” 
Editor’s Note: A group of friends/ colleagues doing a jump shot together at the Barrage. We like the unity and the smiles on their faces. It is definitely one of the better interpretations of the theme Togetherness. We love this photo too! (but we only have 03 prizes – try harder next time!)

Congratulations to All the Winners & Those Who are on Special Mention!
Whether you won or not, please remember to join the main Togetherness Contest and stand to win CASH and Digital Cameras PLUS a chance to have your Photos Exhibited at Community & Grassroot Events in the Bedok Reservoir – Punggol ward.
Submit Now

Winners will be Notified on the Collection of your prize via FB.
For those that didn’t win, please try harder next time.
Thank you for your participation Ladies!

Special Thanks to Cullmann Professional Tripod & Red Label by Artist&Artisan (Schmidt Marketingfor sponsoring the Prizes!

Till then, look out for the next #09 Pink Submissions!



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