Featured Photographer – Ang Choo Wee

Ang Choo Wee

Ang Choo Wee is an experienced & experimental photographer. We came to know him through one of the SJS’s “Limited” Series events and he have since been joining our shoots regularly. We also got him involved in a commercial project last year shooting an arts event. Through his photos, Choo Wee speaks. His works are interesting to appreciate and certainly of professional standards.

Well travelled and a lover for Asian culture, Choo Wee’s travel photos are beautifully executed and most importantly, he captured the moments so accurate that it simply brings the viewer into the frame. A hardcore Fan of Nikon and Fisheye lens, I’d let you imagine the rest. Humble and easy-going, Choo Wee never fails to share his knowledge with other members of the group – and that made him rather popular in the group. (Especially with the Girls! * Wink Wink)

As usual, without his permission, we have selected a few of his works to be featured here. Enjoy!


Ways to Contact  Choo Wee;
Email: choowee21@hotmail.com
Web: Nil
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/choowee

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  1. Mrs Ergül says:

    Choo Wee’s english name is Johnson too?

  2. No Peilin, Typo. Kekeke….. Changed already, thanks for alerting.

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