Featured Merchant – Alan Photo Trading




Featured Merchant – Alan Photo Trading
Photo: Alan Photo Trading (Sim Lim Square).

15th July 2014, Singapore – Most photographers will know a couple of famous photography shops that are known to be reputable and trustworthy. This is important as photography equipment is not cheap and you need a good and well-stocked retailer to back you up especially if you are a professional and paying your bills from your shutter count. Today, I went on to find out more about one of the famous photographer store here in Singapore – they are none other than Alan Photo Trading.

Before we start, I would like to disclaim that although my name is Allan, I am not related to Alan Photo Trading in any way except that they are one of our Accredited Merchants for our members, subscribers and followers. 🙂

Photo: Tom, Account Manager – Alan Photo Trading – Taken in 2005.


Alan Photo Trading was founded in 1987 by Mr. Alan Tan, their pioneer store was located at Sim Lim Square and it was a humble shop selling mainly films, film cameras & accessories. Since then, Alan Photo Trading had come a long way, and they had supported the photography trade through the digital revolution when digital formats were introduced towards the end of 1990s.

Today, Alan Photo Trading is one of the Top 5 Photography store in Singapore retailing with a full inventory of photography equipment that professional photographers trust and hobbyists love. Today Alan Photo Trading has 3 unique stores located at Sim Lim Square, Funan Digitalife Mall & Marina Bay Sands Shoppes and they have a separate administrative office & distribution centre at Waterloo Street.

So what are their secrets to success and sustainability? We caught up with the Alan Photo Trading’s Operation Manager John Chong and I managed to have a few words with him.


Ed: John, can you please share with our readers the secret(s) to Alan Photo Trading’s success today?

John: Staff integrity, Honest trading & Friendship with every customer.

Ed: Can you elaborate on that?

John: Staff integrity is important, for a business to succeed, we must first work on our staff, impart ownership values, properly trained, knows the product that they are selling and must be able to handle all kinds of customer. And there must not be any internal competition, rather, the sales team works as a team, helping out one another whenever someone needed help.

Honest trading is important because at Alan Photo trading, we do not believe in doing one-off business and we are very careful with the guidelines & pricing given to us by brand owners – likewise with our customers when they make a purchase at our stores. The competition is tough in this industry, but we strongly believe in our products & our services so there is no need for us to do anything out of the ordinary. By being honest and transparent in our business operations, we are also protecting other like-minded fellow retailers, the brand owners and our customers too.

Photo: Alan Photo Trading in the 1980s.
John: Friendship is when we place emphasis on developing long-term relationships with our customers over profit. In every business, profit is important, but relationship is even more important for a business to sustain & survive. We strive to develop this relationship with every customer that passed through our doors. What is a business without business-client relationships? When our customers become our friends, it means mutual trusts had developed and this is when we know that we had won our customers’ trust & heart.
This is sweet.

Ed: That is very interesting. Thank you for sharing!


Photo: Alan Photo Trading in the 1990s.

Back from where Alan Photo Trading were selling film & film, today Alan Photo Trading sells almost everything that a photographer or videographer can think of. The inventory is comprehensively huge and there is something for everyone. Alan Photo Trading is also an Authorized Reseller for major brands like Leica, Hasselblad, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.

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