Pink Submissions #04 “Creative Selfie” Editor’s Picks

Pink Submissions #04 “Creative Selfie” Editor’s Picks
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21st November 2014, Singapore – The “Pink Submissions” is into its fourth installment and the submission is seeing a lot more entries this round. Pink Photographers Singapore (PPSG) has since gotten more new members through our engagement campaigns through the Pink Submissions. For this round, our sponsor Sgcamerastore had given the ladies an interesting theme “Creative Selfies”. Selfie are globally defined as the act of shooting a photo of oneself with one hand while having the background seen as part of the image. While getting a selfie is really easy, getting creative will be tough as some of the members had reported (giggles).

A total of 63 entries were received this round and sadly I have to reject 09 due to non-compliance or wrong theme. Before we start, let’s hear what the Judges/ Sponsors have to say about this submission/ theme.

“Looking through all the entries, some were super creative while some were – just selfies. And there are some which I do not understand the photo at all. It had been a challenging theme, and more challenging to judge.”
AL, Editor.

“We saw some really creative selfies this round and we hope to inspire more creativity into the members’ photos. ”
Mel & Jan, Sgcamerastore (MP Associates).

OK, that’s the message from our sponsor for the #04 Submissions!
As usual, we were not able to feature every submitted photos due to photo size or for any reasons. So, I had picked out the below photos from the crop to run this feature.

(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance not in any order)


The Entries for #04 Pink Submissions “Creative Selfies”


OK people, we have come to the end of “Editor’s Pick” for the #04 Pink Submissions “Creative Selfies”. Before you scroll to the winning entries below, I would like to thank everyone from Pink Photographers Singapore (PPSG) who participated in this.

And the Prize Winners for the #04 PINK SUBMISSION are!
Proudly Sponsored by Sgcamerastore  )

1st Prize – Shiqing Junh (Ong Mingqi)

2nd Prize – Zen Chen Weihan

3rd Prize – Fione (Wee N Soh)

And! We have a special mention of the below entries

Cool Entry by Jeslin Tan – I can see her hand holding her phone in her eyes.

Cool Entry by Joanna Ng – Selfie in deep sea? Why not?.joanna9

Cool Entry by Trisha Lim – Sci-Fi Movie?

Congratulations to All the Winners & Those Who are on Special Mention!
You will be Notified on the Collection of your prize via FB.
Thank you for your participation!

Special Thanks to Sgcamerastore for sponsoring the Prizes!

Till then, look out for the next #05 Pink Submissions!



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