CovidShare Photo Museum Submission Extended


CovidShare Photo Museum Submission Extended
– Posted by Lee Shi Qing

Image submitted by: Steven CF Yee.

12th June 2020, Singapore – As Singapore slowly & gradually lifted movement restrictions under the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, we are currently at Phase One of reopening our economy. Given the current situation, many of us are still stuck working or studying from home. Hence the Editorial Team had decided to extend the Photo Submission for our “CovidShare Photo Museum“.

As of today, we had received over 400+ entries however many were rejected due to the image not meeting the requirements as stated on our Submission Page. We would like to remind everyone to read the Submission criteria before submitting.

We will close the Submission at the End of July 2020. So start submitting your images of your experience during this Covid-10 Circuit Breaker in Singapore!
Stay Safe Everyone!
Lee Shi Qing
– On Behalf of Ourshutterjourney Editorial Team


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