ToyArt – Cubebot (Areaware)


ToyArt – Cubebot (Areaware)
– by David Weeks Studio


03rd January 2015, Singapore – Since more and more photographers are shooting toy figurines these days, I discovered an interesting toy recently. This is not your regular Lego Man, Danbo, 1/87 figures or Jap Anime figurines etc. Made from wood and held together by a strong elastic band and painted with bright craft colors, here I present to you, the Cubebot, an areaware series robot from John Weeks Studio.


The Cubebot comes in 8 special colors and recently I came to know that they even have a multi-color version too! These Cubebots originated from Brooklyn, NY, USA and currently in Singapore, you can only buy this from The Wallet Shop. Retailing at SGD $16.00, the Cubebot promises lots of fun for photography.



Unboxing the Cubebot promises no surprise as everything is packed ala minimalist and you will find a little piece of instruction and the Cubebot. Each Cubebot comes with an unique serial number and you can find the serial number both on the box and under the feet of your Cubebot. Comes in 3 sizes, the review unit that I have here was a “Small” Size.


Transforming the Cubebot from the Cube form to the Robot form is pretty dummy-proof. Easy to handle and takes less than 30 seconds for you to change in between forms. This makes photographing the Cubebot rather easy and effortless.


The Cubebot can be posed to about 80% of every possible poses that you can think of. Apart from some rather challenging poses, the Cubebot can do what you do, pose what you can pose. This again, makes the Cubebot an excellent photography subject for most expressives shooting.

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With a little imagination and clever use of the surroundings, the Cubebot can be very “Human-like” and the bright colors makes it very contrasting to most outdoor scenes. This will be fun to carry around or anywhere as the Cubebot is small and compact. It is so light that I almost forgot that I was carrying it around.


Be it Robot form or Cub Form, the Cubebot is simply fun to shoot and easy to abuse. It can be at anywhere in any form. And you can do anything to it. Even if someone accidentally stepped on it, don’t worry, the Cubebot is made from a pretty hard wood, it won’t crack like plastic. (Unless the blind bodoh who stepped on it is a 150kg badass who was looking at his smart phone while walking)




The Cubebot is small and compact that you can even put it in your pocket and sneak it into museums without notice. While the guards are off their guards, you can shoot your cubebot within seconds and you are out of the museum without having a whistle blown at you.


Cubebots can be posed against almost any scenes that you can think of. As mentioned earlier, the bright colors simply lets you create interesting and contrasty images that blends real scenes with your little Cubebots.


Personally I like the Cubebot for its capability to pose in anyway I want it. I like the tiny weight, the bright neon colors and the Cubebot’s permanent “stunned” look. The asking price is very reasonable and if I have the money, I would probably buy a set for myself.


The Cubebot promises hours and hours of fun for photographers who loves to shoot toys. It is highly poseable, simple, small and compact and you are limited by your own creativity and imagination. Get yours today from The Wallet Shop before it all runs out!

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