Nikon D7500

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Nikon D7500 – with Pat Law
File Photo: The New Nikon D7500 with DX 18-140mm lens.

03rd October 2017, Singapore –
Nikon Singapore recently sent us the D7500 for us to review and we were thinking hard what to do with it. At the time of writing, the D7500 had already been widely reviewed and as for us, we are really more interested in what this camera is capable of. From the published specifications, this new 20.6 megapixel mid-ranger sits in between the pro range and the entry-level DSLRs in the product line.

Before we proceed, as usual we would like to disclaim that we are reviewing based on user experience rather than a technical review which you can easily find on Nikon’s websites. We are more interested in what the camera can do and image quality etc. If you are cool, read on.


The DX (crop factor x 1.53) 15.7mm × 23.5mm CMOS sensor give you a good image size up to 5,568 × 3,712 and it has no anti-alias filter. The Ultrasonic Sensor cleaner comes as standard. The camera also allows user to set the crop factor to 1.3 ratio too. The electronic stablized 4K Video capability allows still grabs while shooting and at normal shooting mode, the camera does a fast 8 frames per second (fps). ISO range starts from ISO 50 to whopping ISO 1,638,400! Time lapse fans will also love the built-in time lapse function but we like the 3D tracking with the 51 focus points more! The bright 3.2 inch tilt-able screen is nice too for low angle shooting & framing. OK there is certainly a whole lot more of specifications to read up on which I will suggest reading those on Nikon’s sites.

So we passed the Nikon D7500 to one of our accredited Photography Trainer & Review Editor Pat Law and let his have the D7500 for 2 weeks. Let’s hear what he have to say after using the D7500 for 2 weeks in his usual applications.




NIKON D7500 – Pat Law

I have been a Nikon user for a long time and when Editor AL passed me the new D7500, I was pretty excited to try it out having read several reviews on this camera.

The first impressions always counts and when I took the camera out of the box, I play around with it feeling its weight and size etc. I found the handling ergonomics to be extremely impressive and personally I love the feel of the grip. Buttons layouts were “very-much-Nikon” and this gives a close familiarity to existing Nikon users while new Nikon users will find it easy to navigate and use.



The 18-140mm kit lens that came with the camera is a little DX monster on its own. The sharpness and contrast are superb and you can see from the above example. (in fact all the images on this article you may click on them – then view at 100% up to 300%). Usually kit lens are a basic lens that comes with the camera but in this case, I think the 18-140mm belongs to a different class – definitely higher than a basic line lens.




Hand-held shooting at low shutter speed somehow becomes much easier with the VR (Vibration Reduction) on the lens and it give users more space for creative shooting. Frankly, I find the D7500 to be extremely easy to use and the camera did not disappoint. I managed to get what I have envisioned every time before I took the shot and I am sure anyone will love D7500. 


The above image was meant to share with readers that when I tried shooting this scene in both Raw & Jpeg, I noticed the image values on the Jpeg is not too far from the Raw. In short, the D7500 is capable of much bigger things – but made simpler & friendlier for users.



From landscape shots to portraits, the D7500 does it all and does it well. I tried shooting portraits with the D7500 and I really happy with the results.





I am certainly impressed with the new Nikon D7500 for what it can produce. From the handling to using it for everyday subjects, this camera is a performer in its class. I wish I can have more time with the D7500 to try the time-lapse or 4K video but as life have it – there are priorities in life and then again, there’s a deadline to return the camera.


_DSC5278-1.jpgImage: Pat Law


My short stint with it has impressed me greatly and I cannot imagine what might happen if I am to hold the D7500 longer – I might just buy 1 for myself too.
– Pat Law
Photography Trainer/ Review Editor


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