Rounding Up 2019 Camera Releases


Rounding Up 2019 Camera Releases
– by Lee Shi Qing
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29th January 2020, Singapore – 2019 almost seems like a bad dream with so much going-on in the photography industry. Things are not looking too good on the dealers’ front where we received news of stores closing or downsizing, but there are also some who went the other way and took the opportunity to expand. We hope for all the best for our merchants who are in our network.

Important Note: Before I moved to the brands, I would like to disclaim that the below information are compiled from many websites. And I am just mentioning selected brands only.  

Over to the Brands, Canon announced their EOS 90D on 28th August 2019 together with the mirrorless EOS M6 MarkII. And there are rumours of a certain EOS 1DX Mark III on the way. Over to Canon’s arch-rival Nikon, the corporation announced the mirrorless Z50 on 10th October 2019 with unconfirmed released dates for their D780 & D6 DSLR for 2020.



Over at Sony camp, a6400 was announced on 15th Jan 2019 then later on 28th Aug 2019,  Sony announced the a6600 (& a6100 in selected markets). Over to Olympus, they  announced the OM-D E-M1X on January 2019 & later that year in October 2019, announcement for OM-D E-M5 MarkIII went public with units arriving at our shores within weeks of its announcements. A Pro model was rumoured to be released in “early 2020” by many online sites too!


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Panasonic on 5th April 2019 gave us Lumix G95 then on 31st May 2019, S1H was announced. Sigma decided to surprised the rest of us with their Sigma fp camera in July 2019 which we suspect, it is going after Sony users who wants a mirrorless that is so much lighter and with a Full Frame sensor. Ricoh also took the opportunity to announce Pentax’s development of a replacement DSLR to replace the KP on 30th September 2020 and the best part, Ricoh had not given the world the new model’s name as of press time today. Mysterious!



While we do not know (or interested) what the “other brands” are brewing, we are sure 2020 will be an exciting year for new camera releases.  While brands are pushing out more advanced and more powerful cameras, I got to remind myself that I still have to get my foundation right. After helping out on this site for almost 2 years, I finally started get my ass out there and learning how to shoot.

Image by Lee Shi Qing


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Here’s an image adaptation of the estimated market shares for 2019 for each brand in our view.

Image by Lee Shi Qing
As I dive deeper into photography, I am going to remind myself that I have to shoot more, experiment more and try more gears from different brands. Also mean time, taking references from other photographers and do more reading up. I would like to share what my Mentor (Editor AL) had told me;

“Always go back to basics whenever you advance, this is how not to lose track of what you had learnt.” – AL Lee 

Have a great 2020 Everyone!

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