ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries – Page 4

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ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries

Theme “In Action”

Entry 046
Caption: “80s cartoon heroes unite!!”
Photographer: Ken Loh

Entry 047
Caption: The Flash in action!
Photographer: Ken Loh

Entry 048
Caption: “The world consisted of predators and prey. You were either hunting or running.” — Charlene Weir
Photographer: Robin Choo Wai Munn

Entry 049
Caption: “1,2,3 peaceful country I make sure no enemies disturb ”
Photographer: Celina Low

Entry 050
Caption: “Rain or Shine worth the sweat plucking fruits of my labour..resting waiting for rain to stop”
Photographer: Celina Low

Entry 051
Caption: “All his life he’s been told – He’ll be nothing when he’s old, All the kicks and all the blows, He won’t ever let it show, Cause he’s stronger than you know, A heart of steel starts to grow”
Photographer: Celina Low

Entry 052
Caption: “Majulah Singapura!!! let’s be Stronger together”
Photographer: Celina Low

Entry 053
Caption: “So Happy with Award winning Garden Festival..”
Photographer: Celina Low

Entry 054
Caption: “Hey, what are you trying to? I am trying to help”
Photographer: Koh Lye Huat

Entry 055
Caption: “Group shot that what we always do after an outing.”
Photographer: Koh Lye Huat


Entry 056
Caption: “Selfie myself, to remember our Rochor Center”
Photographer: Koh Lye Huat

Entry 057
Caption: “We are on our way for our summer holiday”
Photographer: Koh Lye Huat

Entry 058
Caption: “Shooting my favourite VW for a photo shoot at Garden by the Bay”
Photographer: Koh Lye Huat

Entry 059
Caption: “You never make a goal if you never hit the ball”
Photographer: Ara Setiawan

Entry 060
Caption: “Solo-Journey – If you never, you’ll never know.. travel far enough, to find yourself!”
Photographer: Jolyn Goh

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