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What is Accredited Merchants?
All Photographer Merchants (Retails, Dealers & Online Shops, etc) who wish to reach out to our members, followers, subscribers will be assessed for accreditation. This is to ensure fair business tradings, ethical & honest businesses while serving our community here.

Once a merchant’s application is accepted into the scheme, the merchant will be listed here & the merchant’s outlets will carry an sticker at their doors, cashier counters, websites, to indicate that the shop had met our requirements for the community to shop with these merchants with a peace of mind. So next time while shopping for photography equipments, buying cameras or lenses, rental of photography equipments, repairs & trade in, just look out for our logo at these merchants.

Well, while every dog has its day, there’s also a possibility that someone out there is going through a bad hair day. If you have been treated unfairly at any of our Accredited Merchants, or has any other feedbacks, please kindly send your story to with the subject header  “Merchant Feedback”. We will investigate for you. We will not burn the merchant’s shop for you but we will seek to mediate in a cordial & fair manner to help you & the merchant settle the issue.

How to get Your Brand & Business Accredited?
Find out how to be our good supplier & service provider for our community (about 12,900 members combined), just send an email to  with a subject header “Accreditation Request” and an Application Form will be forwarded to you. We will also send someone, a secret shopper, to check out your shop, the customer service, pricing to assess your suitability. Once we decided that you are safe for our community, we will issue you the Accreditation Stickers for you to display at your shop(s) or your website.

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