Featured Photographer – Moments with Ng Hock How

Featured Photographer – Moments with Ng Hock How

Picture: Editor Allan with Ng Hock How.

Following an article that we had published recently (“Getty Images Announces Flickr’s 250,000 Image Milestone” – click to view), the Editor caught up with one of the photographer whose work got selected and featured in the article by Getty Images.

Picture: Fireworks in Singapore by Ng Hock How.

He is none other than Mr. Ng Hock How. Came across to us as a friendly chap who is humble and composed, he is all ready to share when we met him for a short interview. Here’s conversation below.

Ed: So Hock How, how do you feel when your work was selected by Getty Images to be featured & published in their milestone article?
How: I feel good naturally. I am glad that my work has gained recognition by a professional body and that my works has commercial value. I am also glad as this means my photos had reached a certain level of proficiency which I am personally satisfied.

Picture: Tengalallang, Bali by Ng Hock How.

Ed: Great! So you consider yourself a Professional Photographer?
How: No. I would rather call myself an Enthusiast. I am still experimenting and trying – working hard to attain the “Professional Level”.

Ed: Good attitude! So which genre of photography do you specialize or excel in?
How: Everything! Correction, I am learning every single aspect of photography and still trying to understand the different differences between the genres & styles. But of course, I am more skewed towards landscape & cityscape – naturally as I am familiar with my surrounding, I am always thrilled by the diverse architectural offerings we have here in Singapore. And I love the beauty of the city especially during twilights.

Ed: Oh wow! So, when you are contributing to Flickr, is there an objective that you were trying to achieve?
How: (Laughs) Believe it or not, I was using Flickr to the like of an online storage & doubling as a back up for my photos (objective). However, I discovered the joy of sharing my works with other photographers too through Flickr.

Picture: Fishing in Sri Lanka by Ng Hock How.

Ed: So, has Flickr met your needs & objective as an online photo sharing portal?
How: Definitely a 100% Yes from me.

Ed: Right. So what advice will you give to other budding photographers?
How: Keep shooting, shoot more, learn from mistakes and always look at other photographers’ work and use that as a benchmark for personal improvement.

Ed: Sound advice indeed! So will you continue to support Flickr? Will you recommend Flickr to your friends too?
How: Yes, Flickr is the most popular photo sharing site. Everyone should be introduced to Flickr.

Ed: Is there anything you would like to mention about Flickr?
How: The interface on the site can be better improved for easier access and the displayed photo seems to have a reduced quality when compared to the uploaded version.

Ed: I will feedback that to the guys at Getty Images.
Is there any famous last words for my readers?
How: Enjoy Shooting & Sharing!@

Ed: Thank you Hock How!

Visit Hock How’s personal Websiote at http://www.hockhow.com/


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  1. Sarah says:

    Great interview! It’s fantastic to see local photography enthusiasts like Ng Hock How gaining recognition and encouragement – and ultimately earning money – doing something they love.

    If you are interested in becoming a Getty Images contributor, check out our site for a step by step guide on how to upload images and have your work considered by our team of editors and curators:


    Anybody can submit images and joining is simple!

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